Hyrule Warriors Future DLC Packs Detailed


We’re about a week away from the North American release of Hyrule Warriors on Wii U, and already Nintendo and Tecmo Koei are detailing the game’s future DLC packs. That’s good news for Nintendo fans, as they’ve never really been on the ball with that sort of thing.

What else is good news is that the first DLC pack will add in three new playable characters, the ability to skip cut-scenes, and best of all, it’s completely free. The three playable characters are actually the game’s villians, Cia, Volga, and Wizzro, as confirmed during the Tokyo Game Show by Tecmo Koei.

Future DLC packs will begin releasing in Japan in October, and just about every month thereafter until February. I’m sure North American dates will be given shortly, but in the meantime we just have the details of what the DLC packs are and what they’ll include.

Hyrule Warriors’ Master Quest Pack releases in October for Japan, including 1 new scenario, 1 new weapon, a new Adventure map, and 2 new costumes. The Twilight Princess Pack will release in November, adding 1 new character, a new weapon, a new Adventure map, and 2 new costumes. The Majora’s Mask Pack gives December a break by releasing in January, adding 2 new characters, a new Adventure map, and 3 new costumes. The final DLC pack that’s been confirmed releases in February, dubbed the Ganon Pack, and includes 2 new game modes.

No exact price has been confirmed, although IGN states that you can buy all four packs for $20 and receive Dark Link as an incentive for doing so.

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