New Killer Instinct Season 2 Trailer Shows Off Maya Gameplay


Killer Instinct‘s second season begins on October 15th for the Xbox One, and although Maya has been confirmed as playable for a while now, we just got our first glimpse at her fighting style in motion earlier today.

Maya returns to the roster from Killer Instinct 2, offering a unique playstyle where her dagger attacks replace a standard character’s punches. Landing longer strings of attacks also open up new abilities and combos, making her the ideal high risk/high reward character. Her stage also looks pretty phenomenal, bringing a nice change of pace from the commonly dark themes of the ones currently available in season one. Her hair physics seem a bit stiff, but her fighting style is really intense, combining ranged attacks with vicious in-your-face combos.

We loved the first season of the iconic fighter’s reboot, and in less than a month we’ll get to see if passing the torch to Iron Galaxy was a good idea. Why it wouldn’t be is beyond me, as they have a good history in the fighting genre, but weirder things have happened.

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