Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Gains Easy Mode, Loses Co-Op Feature


Kotaku recently published an interview with the director of Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy XV, Hajime Tabata, detailing what changes are coming our way when Type-0 HD hits our shores in March 2015.

In the interview, Kotaku’s Richard Eisenbeis stated that when he played the original Japanese PSP release, the main thing that stuck out for him was the game’s unforgiving difficulty. In Final Fantasy Type-0, you’re in control of 14 different students who form a special ops team during a war, and you can swap between these students in combat. However, unlike most titles in the Final Fantasy universe, Type-0 has no form of resurrection spells or consumables; when a student dies in combat, they’re dead until combat is over.

According to Richard, this lead to many deaths and having to redo 30 minutes to an hours worth of progression, just to give a boss another attempt. To address this concern, Tabata confirmed that the North American release of Type-0 will include an Easy difficulty, which will not only increase the amount of damage players deal, but also increase the frequency in which they level up. Of course the standard difficulty is still there, and Tabata hopes that once you familiarize yourself with the game’s strategic battle system in Easy mode that you’ll eventually play the game the way it was intended.

While the North American release will feature a more accessible Easy difficulty, one of the game’s more prominent features is being removed — co-op. The original Japanese PSP release allowed players to work together via ad-hoc, but rather than spend extra time creating a brand new online multi-player function, Tabata opted to scrap the game’s multi-player altogether and just focus on bringing the best single-player experience he can to North America next March.

I’m sure this news is bound to disappoint some, as the desire to slay monsters with friends is always there for action RPG’s, but with Square Enix focusing so much on Final Fantasy XV, I think it’s safe to say they’d rather release Type-0 HD as soon as possible to hold fans interest in the meantime. Besides, if you want multi-player in your Final Fantasy experience, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a fantastic MMO that should provide more than enough content to keep you occupied until the release of Final Fantasy XV.

You can read the full Kotaku interview right here.

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