Rise From Your Grave: Blizzard Adding Ability to Un-delete WoW Characters


Have you ever deleted a character in World of Warcraft and regretted doing so days, maybe even months later? Well in the upcoming pre-expansion patch for Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard is including the ability to un-delete characters right from your character select screen.

Like a phoenix from the ashes, you can un-delete one character every 30 days; but there are a few exceptions, of course.

  • Characters under level 10 and Death Knights at level 55 will not be eligible.
  • Characters between level 10 and level 29 will be available for up to 90 days.
  • Characters between level 30 and level 49 will be available for up to 120 days.
  • All other characters above level 50 will be available forever.

Once you’ve deleted a character that’s eligible for the service, Blizzard will save the state in which it was deleted. So that level 60 Warrior you lost a year ago that was completely naked in the middle of Stormwind will still come back completely naked, or wearing whatever gear they were equipped with at the time of deletion.

Where things get tricky though is with the naming process, as Blizzard will save your old character’s name for a limited amount of time. During that time you can make a new character using the same name, but that would render the old character ineligible unless you paid to change the new character’s name.

So for example, say you deleted an Orc character named Meatshield a few months back and remade them as a Troll, but kept the same name. If you wanted to resurrect the old Meatshield, you’d be forced to re-name the new Troll character before being eligible to do so. Renaming a character costs real life money, and unless you paid for the service, the old Meatshield would still remain in character purgatory for the time listed above.

This is a rather interesting feature, and one that I’m surprised Blizzard will be offering for free considering the amount of paid services the company already offers in World of Warcraft. Subscribers can already pay to change the sex of a character, change their name, redo their appearance, change their race, or even change realms or factions for a fee.

I’m also wondering if you can resurrect a character on a different realm from which they were deleted. Over the 9 years I’ve played WoW, I’ve deleted my fair share of higher level characters, and I’m curious to see who made the cut. There’s a certain pink mohawk-clad Troll Warrior that I deleted back in 2006 that I’ve regretted ever since, but it’s way back on a dead realm that I no longer play on.

(Photo: MMO-Champion)

Bio Card Brad

Bradley Keene is the Executive Editor here at What’s Your Tag?, generally handling reviews, public relations, and our social media communications. He’s an aspiring video game journalist, Baltimore native, and on again/off again WoW player that favors roguelikes, horror games, and point-and-click adventures. His favorite console is the Dreamcast, favorite game is the original Metroid, and he could watch The Goonies for the rest of his life. Contact him by e-mail at the address above, or follow his insanity on Twitter.


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