Hyrule Warriors: How to Unlock Ruto, Agitha, Ghirahim, and Zant


Now that Hyrule Warriors is available here in the States, I’m sure plenty of you have no doubt spent a lot of time playing through the game’s campaign; maybe dabbling a bit in Challenge and Adventure mode as well. But after finishing up Legend mode, you may have noticed that you’re missing 4 of the game’s playable characters — Ruto, Agitha, Ghirahim, and Zant.

Hacking and slashing your way through the Legend campaign of Hyrule Warriors opens up a majority of the exclusive cross-over’s roster, but if you’re looking to complete your list, you’re going to need to spend some time in Adventure Mode as well. This is also where you’ll unlock a large chunk of the game’s hidden weapons, like Link’s Gauntlets and Zelda’s Wind Waker Baton. For a full walkthrough on how to unlock the weapons, follow the link above, but if you’re just interested in unlocking characters, continue reading.

The fine folks over at Attack of the Fanboy have uploaded this Adventure Mode map, showing exactly which squares these characters occupy. In Adventure Mode, you’ll need to unlock items that can be used on specific squares to “search” a scene from the NES classic The Legend of Zelda. Using the right item on the correct part of the screen–like using the candle on the right bush, for instance–will unlock an additional reward if you finish that specific adventure.


As you can see, there are four bronze question marks that represent each of your four missing characters. From the center, you can see Ruto on the right, Agitha on the left, Zant is the top-left icon, and Ghirahim is on the bottom-left. Each of them require a specific item.

  • Zant – Requires the use of Digging Mitts on the X with a green outline.
  • Ghirahim – Requires the use of a Candle on the top bush of the single column.
  • Ruto – Requires the use of the Power Bracelet on the green boulder.
  • Agitha – Requires the use of a Water Bomb on the boulder in the middle of the water.

After using the item correctly, you’ll see the character added to the list of rewards. From this point, you just need to jump in to that adventure panel and complete its objective.

Hopefully this helps! If it did, definitely give the source a visit and thank them as well.

(Source: Attack of the Fanboy)

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