Free Hyrule Warriors DLC Now Available, Master Quest DLC Pack Detailed


As if Hyrule Warriors wasn’t big enough already, a free DLC pack launched today, adding in the game’s 3 original boss characters–Volga, Wizzro, and the Black Witch, Cia–as playable. We’re also slightly more than two weeks away from the cross-over’s first official DLC pack, which we’ve just received more details on.

If you haven’t finished the game’s Legend mode, I highly recommend scrolling passed the screenshots, as the new costumes are a bit of a spoiler.

The Master Quest Pack will launch on October 16th, featuring 5 new campaign chapters that give a bit more background on one of the main antagonists, Cia. Koei Tecmo released a new trailer showing Cia in action, but of course it’s all in Japanese.

According to NeoGAF, the Master Quest DLC pack will also feature a new costume for Lana and Cia, the Epona weapon for Link, and a brand new Adventure Mode map.

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Rather than just adding in a few new squares, the new Master Quest Adventure map is full-scale, and will feature Master Quest rules, like having the inability to heal or use items. The new map offers many different rewards, including higher ranked weapons for Cia, Volga, and Wizzro.

The Master Quest Pack can be purchased individually, or you can save a bit of cash by buying the Hyrule Warriors season pass for $19.99, which includes all 4 DLC packs and a Dark Link costume.

Have you been playing Hyrule Warriors? If you’re on the fence, check out our official review right here.

UPDATE: Although the free boss character DLC was announced as released, it’s currently only available in Japan. Once it makes its way Stateside, I’ll let you know.

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