Even More Hyrule Warriors Screenshots of New DLC Costumes


Although the Master Quest Pack isn’t scheduled to launch here in the States until the 15th, Japan has already gotten their hands on it–and the MiiVerse appropriately went a bit nuts by uploading screenshots. So for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of both NeoGAF and Miiverse, here’s a bunch of images showing some new costumes that will be included in the DLC.

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Most of them are just recolors, but there are some noteworthy additions. Zelda gets a Hilda costume from A Link Between Worlds, Darunia gets a Darmani’s Ghost costume (as you can see by the scar across his belly), and Ruto becomes Lulu from the Majora’s Mask band Indigo-Go’s. There’s also supposedly a maskless Zant costume, but I couldn’t seem to find a screenshot.

(Source: Gamnesia via NeoGAF and Miiverse)

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