A Grave Encounter

A Grave EncounterThis week we continue the terrifying tale of the What’s Your Tag? Halloween Special. In our previous episode, Mileson learned that his great uncle passed and he was being given the deed to a grand mansion, but there was one horrifying stipulation; he must stay in the haunted mansion for one full night. Being the generous friend that Kaffy is, he agreed to accompany Mileson on his ghastly mission.

In today’s comic our dynamic duo runs into an unexpected companion. “Pass the Salt” agrees to aid Mileson and Kafka Luck, but is she simply putting herself in Death’s path? For on this Halloween, someone will die…

What’s Your Tag? is a video game web comic/news/entertainment site. We post exciting content everyday and new comics every Monday. If you’re a fan of our special brand of shenanigans, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter – @whatsyourtag


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