ps4-hrdware-large19Sony’s yet-to-be delivered Share Play was one of the most impressive features of the PS4 shown at launch, but is still without a delivery date. However, some additional details have come out.

Some of these limitations are not that big of a deal, but some do seem a bit annoying.

  • You can be in a Party with 8 people, but Share Play can be done only with one of them at the same time. The rest of the Party won’t be able to see the screen, but will still be able to chat with host and guest.
  • When the host is visualizing any other screen than the game being shared, the guest is shown a “stand by” screen.
  • The Share Play time is limited to one hour, and the remaining time is visualized in the party screen, but you can start a new session immediately after the one before expires.
  • Certain games may have scenes that cannot be displayed during Share Play.
  • While you use Share Play, livestreaming and remote play are not available.
  • The guest cannot save video clips and screenshots during share play.

Things I don’t see an issue with:

  • Not all party members seeing the video feed – this is not meant to be a private streaming service
  • “Stand by” screen for non-game content – that way you could answer a message without the guest seeing it
  • Disabling livestreaming and remote play – some sacrifices have to be made and I don’t see doing these actions simultaneously

Things I do see an issue with:

  • Limiting sessions to an hour – most play sessions last longer than this and if you are able to just start another right away then why make them so limited to begin with?
  • Certain scenes will not be displayed – I will guess that this would be things like cutscenes. This will take away from the full experience of the game and feels like an attempt to still get the guest to buy the game(I’ll let out a big secret here: the cutscenes will end up on YouTube anyway.)
  • Guests cannot save video clips or screenshots – These feels like another attempt to limit the user’s experience in order to force a purchase.

With all that said, I still think this feature has some potential. People will still be able to “taste test” games that their friends own without having to commit to a purchase. However, some of the limitations feel somewhat petty and unnecessary.

Bio Card Paul

Paul Novak is a self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing in the west side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet. Found here at What’s Your Tag? and on the Twitter @dudewantshisrug. Game on with Team XBRO!



  1. It’s not meant to be a “here, let’s all play this game that only one person bought” thing. It’s meant to be a try with a friend thing, so then you can go buy it yourself.

    1. I understand that it is not meant to let people play the entire game for free but if they want people yo experience the gane then be pesauded to buy it, they may be hurting their own case with some of these limitations. Not displaying “certain content” may stop prevent the guest from getting a full experience. Limiting the sessions to an hour may disaude some from even bothering to try it.

      1. So I guess the Nintendo eshop demos with time limits on them hurt the case for the game? Demos which don’t include certain parts of the game prevent demo-users from getting a full experience?

        An hour is plenty of time to determine whether you like a game or not. Around 10 minutes into a game I know whether I like it or not. By one hour, I would have made up my mind.

        I get that some people would want to see all that stuff – but at the end of the day, it’s an alternate form of a demo.

      2. Some people do not get a full enough experience from a demo. It takes different people different amounts of a game to make their decision about them. Demos have always suffered from this and Share Play will be no different.

        Why I think Share Play will stumble is more because of people’s expectations of it. You and I seem to agree that it is meant to be a trial experience or a way to share a game with a friend. However, others have more grand expectations for Share Play that it really isn’t intended for. Sony is essentially getting ahead if the game by clearing up the limitations before the final release of the feature.

      3. Yeah, I agree with that.

        I’m glad Sony is getting all of this out of the way though. Ensures people will know what it is and not have wild expectations for it.

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