Sony Announcing Huge PS4 Exclusive in December, “Will Engulf the Internet” and “Make a Lot of Noise.”


Come December, the folks at Sony have plans to reveal a PS4 console exclusive that will not only “engulf the internet”, but “make a lot of noise”, according to a pair of recent tweets from Gameblog France. No Man’s Sky developer Sean Murray also chimed in back on October 3rd with a similar Tweet, but what the game will be is anyone’s guess.

Lovely day with @TheSakeDiary and the Sony crew. Saw something amazing coming to PS4 owners soon that I probably can’t talk about 😦 🙂 😉“, said Hello Games founder Sean Murray back on the 3rd of this month.

More recently though, Gameblog France editor Romain was translated as stating “I just learned the existence of exclusive #PS4 which will engulf the internet BIG in December . Be prepared.“, alongside Julien Chieze’s Tweet of “I know what it is and I can tell you that it will actually make a lot of noise (and anger).

Now we just have to play the waiting game until December to see what all the fuss is about. My guess is that it’s a highly requested sequel to a dormant franchise that’s bound to piss off anyone without a PS4. Shenmue 3, Fallout 4 or Left 4 Dead 3 come to mind. Left 4 Dead 3 would definitely draw a lot of rage from the Xbox crowd, as the original two games were exclusive to PC and the Xbox 360, so I’d say that one makes the most sense. Whether or not the Left 4 Dead series is big enough to cause that much of a stir is up for debate, but that’s where I’m putting my money at.

Any ideas?

(Source: PSU)

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    1. Black Tusk Studio is already working on a new Gears for Xbox One, and Microsoft purchased the rights to the series outright, but that would definitely have been a shot heard round the world lol.

  1. Yeah – the way this is worded, you sorta have to figure that whatever this mystery game is, it’s a known quantity – a sequel to something big and unexpected. I wouldn’t necessarily guess Left 4 Dead 3, but I might guess Portal 3 – Valve became very friendly with Sony during Portal 2’s roll-out. But I’m not convinced that this is a Valve title at all – especially since anything Valve makes would also appear on Steam. Nor am I sure that Bethesda would be willing to incur Microsoft’s wrath by snubbing the XB1 and making Fallout 4 a PS4 exclusive. If I had to guess… maybe they finally have a release date for Last Guardian.

    1. The Last Guardian popped in my head too, but I don’t think that’d be something that would make people “angry” really. This seems like something people would either expect to be cross-platform and won’t be (like Microsoft pulled with Rise of the Tomb Raider), or something that’s generally been an Xbox exclusive series making its way to the PS4. Shenmue is possible, since it’s never been on a Sony platform before.

      1. Wait a second! GTA San Andreas is getting an hd port for the xbox 360 – and no other platforms have been announced. What if Red Dead Redemption is getting a PS4 upgrade? That would definitely make XB1 owners angry…

      2. If San Andreas comes to 360, chances are it’ll go to PS3 as well. I’d love a Red Dead remaster though, no matter the console.

      3. Honestly? Red Dead Redemption is why I’m not throwing out my Xbox360 until I absolutely have to. If there’s ever an HD port of it, I’m getting it POST-HASTE.

      4. not to mention, a lot of PS4 gamers were angry as hell when the upcoming Tomb Raider was going to be an Xbox One exclusive (for an unspecified length of time, of course). Sony re-committing to Rockstar would be a pretty goddamned big deal.

  2. Calling it now, Titanfall 2!

    That would be hilarious, I can already see it: “Experience it the way it should have the first time, *cough* 1080p”.

    1. Respawn has already stated that they’d like to bring Titanfall 2 to PS4 I think, but that’d be a pretty big bombshell to drop.

      But for what it’s worth, I’d rather have Titanfall at a lower resolution than have to suffer Sony’s less-than-desirable party and chat features on the PS4.

      1. How would you suffer when PS4 party chat features are cross game and extremely similar in function to Xbox1? I own both systems and there really isn’t a difference besides UI. PS4 even has the capability to send voice messages to other players instead of typing unlike my Xbox; point being they have improved dramatically when it comes to communication between players.

        Maybe ‘suffer’ was just an erroneous choice of diction as I quite enjoy party chat on both systems without any aforementioned suffering. Now if we’re talking PS3 then oh yeah, I might have some withdrawal issues without any meaningful chat system. Lol.

      2. While I do miss the ability to send voice messages (and I’m still confused as to why this option was omitted to begin with), I haven’t had great luck with voice chat on PS4. Granted I’ve only used it for FFXIV and Destiny during the week I owned the game, but what I have used has been relatively poor quality. I’m not sure if it’s poor quality because of the boxed-in headset that was included not being very good or what, but when half of us can barely hear the others I’d say it’s okay to use the word “suffer”.

        Like I said though, this could be no fault of the PS4’s at all of course. It’s just been my personal experience.

  3. It would be funny if the big game was in fact No Mans Sky.
    I’m inclined to agree though, that it will probably be a revived franchise. Can you imagine a new KOTOR or Jade Empire, for example?

  4. I’m doubting it’s something like Fallout 4 because the modding community for Bethesda games is so big, and that’s going to really cut into their potential sales if they limit it to the PS4. Either way, I’m looking forward to the news.

      1. Yeah, they had no other options at that point with Silent Hill. At least when Xbox came out, they brought 2, 3, 4, etc., and have had steady love since then aside from Origins and Shattered Memories.

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