Sunset Overdrive Could Get Free Roam Co-Op Mode After Launch


Sunset Overdrive is one of the most anticipated Xbox One exclusives, and it’s long been planned to feature an 8-player mission-based co-op mode that plays out similar to Zombies in Call of Duty. In said mode, players work together to set traps and fight off waves of mutated baddies, but wouldn’t the campaign be a lot more fun with a friend at your side?

According to an interview with IGN, Insomniac‘s creative director Marcus Smith confirmed that free-roam co-op isn’t a part of the game’s initial launch, but could arrive at some point in DLC, or–the worst case scenario–a sequel.

As Total Xbox states, it all boils down to overall sales, but with co-op being such a promising feature that could easily breathe life in to Sunset Overdrive well beyond its expiration date, I don’t understand Insomniac‘s hesitation. After re-watching the game’s original reveal trailer from E3 2013, it seems to me like the game was set to be multi-player all along. Perhaps that’s just the nature of the beast, as games evolve over time and it’s not uncommon for a finished product to vary from what was initially shown early on.

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