Mewtwo Set to Be First DLC Character for Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U


The original Pokemon badass, Mewtwo, returns to the Super Smash Bros. circuit as a special promotion from Nintendo that just might end up being the most expensive piece of DLC in gaming history.


Mewtwo will only be available to players who own both the 3DS and Wii U versions of Super Smash Bros., but thankfully it sounds like he’ll be free. So to play as everyone’s favorite psychic Pokemon you must purchase the game twice and download the DLC, which will not be available until sometime after the Wii U version launches.


Nintendo may be new to this whole “DLC thing,” but they sure know how to drive some sales. I know a handful of people who will be running out and buying the 3DS version of the game solely for the chance to play as Mewtwo.

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Miles Dompier is the chief editor and founder of What’s Your Tag?. He is a Seattle native who recently moved to the sweltering heat of Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a composer/voice actor. When he’s not up writing until his eyes bleed, he likes to play a Prince level of instruments and listen to terrible death metal. Follow his shenanigans on Twitter and be sure to join our gaming community; TEAM XBRO.


  1. Remember when you bought games and actually BOUGHT THE FUCKING GAME and now it’s just “hey guys you know that Pokemon thing that happened and that really cute yet really powerful guy yea fuck you give us money if you want to have him”

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