The Terror Continues: Red Barrels Confirms Outlast 2!


Outlast and its Whistleblower DLC scared the pants off of us when it released for PC and PS4, and we had a blast streaming it after its Xbox One launch, but when do we get more? Montreal based developer Red Barrels spoke with horror site Bloody Disgusting in a recent interview, and although they confirmed that Outlast 2 is currently in development (yay!), they never mentioned a potential release window (boo!).

When asked what the future held for Red Barrels, designer and co-founder Philippe Morin told Bloody Disgusting “After shipping the XB1 version of Outlast, we took some time to analyze our situation and we quickly realized we had at least another horror game in us. So, yes, we are working on Outlast 2.”

Now that the game has been officially confirmed, what can we expect?

The game will be a survival horror experience and it will take place in the same universe as Outlast,” Morin stated in the interview, “but it will have different characters and a different setting. We might go back to Mount Massive Asylum one day, but for now we have new ideas and themes we’d like to explore and we think we’re cooking up something special.

Although Outlast enjoyed success on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, Morin never mentioned which platforms Outlast 2 is in development for. In regards to the game’s release window though, Morin stated “We’re still a small indie studio (12 people), so we’ll need a little bit of time to ship our next game, but hopefully it will be worth it.

And now we play the waiting game. If Outlast 2 is anywhere close to the quality and terror of the original, the wait will definitely be worth it.

What would you like to see done differently in Outlast 2?

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  1. No more video cameras! Let this protagonist use their actual eyes more! Well, you use your eyes to see through the video camera, but you know what I mean! XD The mechanic of having to rely on a nightvison cameras is getting kinda stale, guys. -_-”
    I’m replaying Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (against my will) and that game shows the true merit of having only a ‘dad’ flashlight!

    1. Shattered Memories was pretty fantastic and terrifying. I liked the video camera mechanic in the original Outlast, but wouldn’t mind if they took it out.

  2. Oooh this is really exciting news. I really enjoyed the original game and wouldn’t mind seeing more from Red Barrels. I was rather hoping horror would be a staple for them as a developer like it is to Frictional Games. I think the main thing I’d like to see them change were the sections where you had to find so many things or activate so many levers while avoiding the enemy to progress. Because these mechanics were repeated it kind of made it more obvious to me that I was just playing a game and took some of the fear away. I’d like to see more of the chase scenes as being able to run around was what made it fun and different to me. I really enjoy spending all my excess adrenaline in a good chase and having to delay and block the doors behind me was an awesome idea too. More enemies like the surgeon, cannibal and groom too. For some reason having them talk to me while I hide or knowing more about them makes them seem more scary to me than just a random model despite the mechanics being the same.

    1. Yeah, there were definitely moments where Outlast felt a little too “gamey”, mainly those exact examples you just game. I loved the chase scenes as well. Red Barrels seems to have a solid grasp on what makes horror “horror” though, so here’s hoping Outlast 2 won’t be their last run with the genre.

      And The Groom.. ohhh The Groom. Such a great character!

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