The Final Encounter

The Final Encounter

We’re proud to present the fifth and final chapter of the What’s Your Tag? Halloween Special. In this tragic conclusion our pal Mileson loses his closest and dearest friend to a terrifying ghost. A lonely future most certainly awaits this man in green…

Yes, we know Halloween was a few days ago, but we post our comics on Mondays, so it just kind of worked out this way.

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  1. I hope you’ll bring him back in a way that parodies Soap Operas. It was his twin who died. Or he didn’t die, but he comes back with amnesia, and thinks he’s Carlo Hesser. Something like that. I think it could be a genuinely funny idea is all.

    1. Oh soap operas… I remember my mom watching them when I was younger, but wasn’t until years later that I realized just how ridiculous they were. There’s a very good chance we’ll see our pal Kaffy return in a ridiculous way.

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