Typically, people complain when a game is completely broken, but every now and then sloppy game design leads to something absolutely amazing. The horrifying faceless character glitch from Assassin’s Creed: Unity is one such example.

[youtube http://youtu.be/RNABUo9IiHU]

There are literally hundreds of hours of different encountered glitches in this game if you don’t mind searching through the massive catalogue available on YouTube, but nothing quite tops the unsettling image of a floating pair of teeth and eyeballs.

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  1. I personally have not seen the faceless glitch, but I did jump off a lamppost and fall through the ground. It took like 2 minutes of falling before I died too. It also has completely frozen my XBONE on several occasions when I am trying to quit the game, or just go to the dashboard.

    I’ve also seen another glitch where the game couldn’t decide which NPC to display and this one dude kept switching heads/hats, one second he had no hat, then he’d suddenly have a hat and different face.

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