Reader Discussion: Are You Upgrading to Current-Gen This Holiday?


With the Xbox One and Playstation 4 being on the market for over a year, and both offering a pretty saucy collection of bundles to sweeten the pot, we wanted to know if any of our readers will be making the jump to current-gen during the holiday (whichever you celebrate, or even the ones you don’t). Will you be picking up a Wii U, PS4, or Xbox One?

We don’t like to leave anyone out, so if you’re an early adopter of the consoles above (like all of us here at What’s Your Tag?), how do you feel about your console(s) of choice so far? Do you wish you would have picked up a PS4 instead of an Xbox One, or vice versa? Are you finally sold on the Wii U now that it has a solid library of games? What you do think your console of choice could improve on by this time next year?

Let us know in the comments!

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Bradley Keene is the Executive Editor here at What’s Your Tag?, generally handling news, reviews, public relations, and our social media communications on Facebook and Twitter. He’s an aspiring video game journalist, Baltimore native, and an on again/off again WoW player that blasphemously favors consoles over PC. As a Marylander, he naturally puts Old Bay on everything, loves the Orioles, drives aggressively, and says “son” too much. Contact him by e-mail at the address above, or follow him on Twitter.


  1. Nope I got the slim 360 and refuse to upgrade when the new Xbox One is not backwards compatible. I need another clunky box in my entertainment stand like I need a third eye and there is only 10 games out for it so far most I don’t want to play anyway . I think many feel similar to

    1. For me, aside from AC Rogue and the Borderlands Pre-sequel, there hasn’t been much in the way of 360 exclusives to even warrant me keeping the thing plugged in. I buy cross-gen games on my Xbox One and just call it a night.

      Neither console really has anything that screams MUST PLAY!, but I don’t regret my purchase.

      1. Thats the thing I also didn’t see anything that was a major leap where I was like oh gotta have it. much like how I felt during the 360 and playstaion 3 battle. And as you said most are for both a few annoying exceptions Like Arkham but you’ll have that

      2. Yeah, I’m content using the consoles to play the new-gen versions of cross-gen games, and I really enjoyed Sunset Overdrive and Halo MCC on Xbox One, but I would have enjoyed The Last of Us just as much on PS3 as opposed to playing Remastered. It’ll take a while to get strong libraries going on either one.

      3. yes it will and it seems like with the kinect its not going to be around much longer excluding the dance games of corse

      4. have you used it for streaming movies or tv like they show in the commercials just using your voice or a hand movement?

      5. Absolutely. Honestly, I’m content in saying that the Kinect is worth the extra $100. I use it all the time outside of games, just not in them. Walking in to a room with a brand new game and saying “Xbox On” so it can boot while I open the plastic is awesome. Having all DLC come with QR codes and just saying “Xbox, use a code” and holding the DLC card up.. it just scans it and installs it immediately within one second. I use it to navigate netflix, hulu, wwe network, twitch, check messages, everything. I love it. But.. I’d really like more games to use it in a non-intrusive way. Ryse was really nice with it. Rather than holding down a button to command your troops to kill stuff, you just say “arrow volley” and that’s that. It was also pretty neat in Dead Rising 3, where you could make loud noises to taunt and lure zombies to your location (and in to traps).

      6. oh man thats so awesome that it scans in the DLC, I had totally forgot about Dead Rising 3 I don’t remember them mentioning it could / would do that.

        These are neat features I just wish it had been backwards compatible or you could download your game library from the arcade or something to play on the new unit the old games

        Do you think they will use this tech to make tvs voice automated as well? I think really expensive remotes do curetnly

      7. Amazon’s Fire TV stick that comes out on January 6th is basically a TV streaming stick that uses voice commands, so it’s highly possible. Microsoft already does it with their phones as well.

        I really wish I could transfer my XBLA games to Xbox One as well.

  2. If I can find the dough and the time in the future I’m jumping on that Wii U and never getting off the Smash Bros. online~

  3. I’ve had an Xbox One since February and I really like it. I have no plans to ever own a PS4. There just isn’t any games coming out for it that I want. I mean I want Street Fighters V, but it’s most likely going to be on PC so I’ll get it on there. I really want a Wii U, but I won’t have one for at least a few more months. I am planning on buying another Xbox One in February though. I do 90% of my gaming on PC these days.

    1. Street Fighter V is confirmed for PC as well, so you’re good to go. Of all 3 current-gen consoles, I tend to use my PS4 the least. I buy my cross-platform titles on Xbox One generally because I prefer the console’s UI and that’s where a majority of my friends are, and if there’s one area the PS4 is sorely lacking it’s the exclusives. That’ll be different next year, with Bloodborne, The Order (which looks awful, IMO), and Uncharted 5, but until then I only use my PS4 for FFXIV (which I’m currently unsubscribed to).

      1. I’ll definitely be getting Street Fighter V for the PC. I can’t see myself spending $400 on a PS4 for only one game. Out of the three games that you named I’m only interested in one of them and that’s Bloodborne. I’ve never liked the Uncharted series and The Order does look terrible. At least it’s pretty :].

        As far as FF goes I tend to avoid those games like the plague.

      2. I’m an MMO guy, and I’m pretty impressed with how the re-vamp of FFXIV turned out, but it just doesn’t compete with WoW in terms of content. I only pay for one MMO at a time, and right now WoW wins.

        I’ve never played an Uncharted before, so I just picked up all 3 PS3 games for about $12 during a Gamestop sale. If I like them, I’ll grab 4, but it’s not even on my radar at this point . Bloodborne looks rad, but I doubt it’ll be a day one purchase.

      3. I’m also an MMO guy. I play Phantasy Star Online 2, Guild Wars 2, Star Wars, Archeage, and many more games. FF14 was just boring to me.

        I want Bloodborne because From is making it and it looks really good, but I’m not getting a PS4 just to have that one game.

  4. We got a PS4, but right now it’s more of an ornament because of the current game line-up. (-_-) It’s only used to play Dragon age: Inquisition! XD But we’re holding out for Persona 5 and the new BlazBlue game!
    But the ulitimate console has to be the Wii U, without a doubt!

    1. Yeah, I tend to buy cross-platform stuff on Xbox One since I prefer the console’s UI and that’s where most of my friends are. I use my PS4 for FFXIV, and that’s about all since finishing Last of Us Remastered. Next year’s line-up should change that.

  5. Hmmm…..I just bought the Xbox One and still setting it up. I admit not a lot of game choices but willing to give Assassin Creed a chance. I am used to Wii (original) and the original Xbox too so this is a big jump for me!

    1. After a year on store shelves, there still isn’t a ton of exclusive options for current-gen consoles. Sunset Overdrive, Halo MCC, Titanfall (which no one seems to play anymore), and launch titles like Ryse, Dead Rising 3, and both Forza games are all out there.. but most of my favorite games this year were cross-platform.

      Regardless, welcome to the Xbox One club! If you’re looking for more people to play online with, I highly suggest joining our open gaming community on Facebook, TEAM XBRO!

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