DmC Devil May Cry & Devil May Cry 4 Remasters Coming in 2015


Capcom released a trailer earlier today confirming the remaster of last year’s reboot of Devil May Cry, but fans who stayed until the very end were treated with yet another announcement, Marvel-style.

DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition will launch on the Xbox One and PS4 on March 17, 2015 for $39.99. It will run at 1080p/60fps on both consoles, contain all DLC–including weapons, skins, and the Vergil’s Downfall campaign–as well as rebalanced and repolished gameplay, like the previously absent manual lock-on feature.

Other brand new additions include the ability to play through Bloody Palace as Vergil, new costumes that celebrate the Devil May Cry series’ legacy, and new game modes like Turbo, Hardcore, Gods Must Die, and Must Style.

  • Turbo Mode — Speeds up gameplay by 20%.
  • Hardcore Mode — Offers a more classic Devil May Cry feel, with tweaks to AI, the Devil Trigger, and its Style system.
  • Gods Must Die — Causes enemies to deal 2.5x more damage and respawn when you use Devil Trigger. Also negates the ability to use items. Ever.
  • Must Style – Requires S-rank combos in order to deal damage to enemies.

Details about Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition are still up in the air, including an official release date and price tag. The teaser shows the release window as Summer 2015, but we’ll let you know as soon as we receive something more concrete.

DmC Devil May Cry was developed by Ninja Theory (Heavenly Sword, Enslaved), rather than Capcom themselves, and served as a reboot of the acclaimed series. Fans were divided over their new outlook on protagonist Dante, and although the game was met with mostly positive reviews, it still didn’t reach the amount of sales anticipated by Capcom. Devil May Cry 4, however, is seen as one of the best in the series. So no matter your fandom, be it new or old, you’ll have something to look forward to in the first half of 2015.

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