Tale of the Tape: The Order 1886 Still Confuses

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then apparently a video is worth a thousand questions. Even with two more videos coming out for The Order 1886, little is understood about the game. The video above is nothing more than a trailer for the game that may have been intended to devise intrigue, but it does nothing more than…well, nothing.

The second video should have really showcased the game and everything in it. Even if you ignore the constant text popping up on the screen, the video itself leaves little to be desired. Stealth mechanics mixed with cover based shooter elements is hardly anything new, but the game is doing little to sell itself by not revealing any of its story.

Those looking to learn more of the game and its general story should look elsewhere. Too little is being said to make it appeal to anybody, and that may ultimately hurt its sales.  Sony and the developer took time out of the spotlight after their huge debacle a few months ago, but they have done next to nothing to win back gamers.

Ready at Dawn has, for all intents and purposes, admitted that this is a steampunk-styled cover shooter, but has yet to reveal any endearing characteristics of the game. Now the debate can move on to if they are trying to mimic Gears of War or Uncharted.

I’m going to venture a guess as to what this game is about: Free Masons are secretly trying to protect the world from the 2nd Reich who are developing super beasts as soldiers to take over the world for their alien lord. In the end, the gray haired guy is really the Galactic Emperor and he has fooled them all as he controls all sides and assumes all power. Prove me wrong.

(Source: Dualshockers)

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