Reader Discussion: What 2014 Release Do You Regret Not Playing This Year?


What’s up XBRO’s? We hope you all had a great holiday, and hopefully you spent it gaming while spending some quality time with the family. Bonus points if you managed to do both at the same time.

Now that 2014 is coming to a close, it’s pretty safe to say most of us are done buying games until the new years ball drops. Since it’s pretty much impossible to buy and play every release throughout the year, we wanted to know what 2014 release escaped you that you most regret not diving in to.

For me, it would have to be Divinity: Original Sin. As an RPG buff, it’s odd for me to pass up a game of this caliber, especially after the amount of praise it received after its launch back in June. I’ve had my eye on it ever since, but heldย off for a price drop that just never seemed to happen. It’s gone down a couple of bucks here and there, but I’m really waiting for that super low Steam sale price.

What drew me in to the game initially was a combination of its complex turn-based combat system, its lack of hand-holding, and the endless replay value thanks to user created content. However, as I’ve mentioned countless times, I’m a terrible PC gamer. I have a decent gaming rig, but lately the only gaming I do onย my PC isย World of Warcraft, or whatever random indie game we’re given to review at the request of a developer or their publisher.

I knew that if I sank $40 in to Divinity, it would sit in my Steam library like 200+ other games I’ve purchased over the years. Don’t ask why, since I don’t really have a good explanation, but I’ve always just preferred console gaming. One day I do hope to sit down with Divinity though, since I’m pretty sure it’s an epic adventure that I’d easily sink hundreds of hours in to.

So how about you? Any games release this year that you really wish you had picked up?

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Bradley Keene is the Executive Editor here at What’s Your Tag?, generally handling news, reviews, public relations, and our social media communications on Facebook and Twitter. He’s an aspiring video game journalist, Baltimore native, and an on again/off again WoW player that blasphemously favors consoles over PC. As a Marylander, he naturally puts Old Bay on everything, loves the Orioles, drives aggressively, and says “son” too much. Contact him by e-mail at the address above, or follow him on Twitter.


  1. Divinity as well, in addition to Elite: Dangerous. I plan to get both though, but it’s hard when there’s so many good Steam sales getting in the way.

    *First gamer problems*

    1. Elite Dangerous looks good as well, yeah. Bayonetta 2 is probably the only other big one I wish I had played, but I’m waiting for a price drop on that one as well. My backlog is fucking awful right now lol.

    2. Just as a heads up, Divinity is 33% off today on steam, so it’s down to $26.79. Still too rich for my blood, but I figured I’d pass the sale info along.

    1. Good to hear! I wish I had played MORE of DAI this year, but I spent so much time starting over after being unhappy with how my characters looked. Are you enjoying it so far?

      1. Tremendously so, but as you say: I want to start over because of all the *things*. But I’m forcing myself to keep playing, my character is alright so far and it’s so much fun! Those dragons though… I’ve yet to try to tackle one (I’m level 14).

      2. The character creator kind of reminds me of Destiny, where it looks okay until you actually see yourself within the game world.. then you just look terrible.

      3. haha yeah! I really wanted the Elf race to offer a more feminine look, but no matter how much I tweaked it, it just looked awful. Eventually settled on a female Dwarf archer.

    1. As someone who usually doesn’t enjoy Dynasty Warriors, I’m surprised by how much I loved Hyrule Warriors. Such a solid game that’s just jam-packed with content.

    1. I picked it up at launch, but I just haven’t had the time. I’ve played maybe an hour, but it’s mainly been creating new characters because they always come out looking awful in-game.

      1. Dude, how can you go on without Smash?! XD
        Have you got the Hyrule Warriors DLC packs? They’ll make you pour in even more hours! :3 It is addicting, though, and them pretty graphics…mhmmmmm.
        And Ghirahim!

      2. So much came out around Hyrule’s DLC that I never picked any of it up. And Smash, I like it, but I already picked up Mario Kart 8 when 90% of my Wii U friends didn’t. Didn’t want to make the same mistake with Smash. My backlog is already ridiculous enough though, same reason I haven’t nabbed Bayo 2 =\

      3. Aw, poor you! T_T Mario Kart is amazing, too! :3 But trust me, if you ever do get Smash it’ll totally be worth your time!
        We have a backlog too, and we ignore it. Then it gets bigger. So the bloody cycle continues for lifetimes to come…

      4. I’m almost positive we’ll all die with a backlog, it’s just how it is lol. I even picked up AC Black Flag and Diablo on Xbox One today, with the promise that I won’t buy anything else until Witcher 3. Yeahhhhh right.

      5. *Raises an eyebrow while swirling glass of Whiskey – because I’m a true Scot* Of cooooourse you will…>x3
        Don’y worry, once the game drought of summer begins you’ll have plenty of time to kill the backlog! ^_^

  2. As others have mentioned, Dragon Age Inquisition. We bought it on Black Friday but have continued to put off playing it because we didn’t have time to really sit down and enjoy it like it deserves. But with 2015 comes a little less hustle and bustle, so hopefully we can find the time pretty soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. There isn’t a ton coming out in early 2013, especially now that Witcher 3 was pushed back to May. Bloodborne in March I think, but I can wait on that. Not in to competitive shooters, so I’m passing on Evolve as well most likely.

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