PS Now Gets a Subscription Model and Release Date

psnowPlayStation Now has been floating around in its beta format for several months now. Most of the response to it has been positive with the exception of the pricing. One alternative that consumers have been asking for has been revealed and will help make the service more affordable.

There will be a subscription model available in two flavors. The choice between one or three months will cost $20 or $45, respectively. This will give access to approximately 100 games when the service launches on January 13th, but it will be limited to only the PS4. There will be a seven day trial period that players can use for free at its launch as well.

PlayStation Now has been compared, fairly or not, to the EA Access program. However, there are tangible differences between these services. The first and most obvious is that PS Now will be exclusive to PlayStation whereas EA Access is only available on Xbox, at least for the time being. The total breadth of what games are available in each of these services will vary as well. EA Access will have only EA distributed or licensed games, but PS Now can potentially have games from any studio or publisher. Lastly, the services work in fundamentally different manners. Games will be streamed to your system with PS Now, as opposed to being fully downloaded with EA Access.

The introduction of the subscription model will likely make the service more appealing to many gamers. The price point of $5 for four hours of access was viewed as unfair, if not outrageous, by many.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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  1. The price point is hard to swallow at first glance, since it’s more per month than 3 months of PSN Plus (and adding both subs together makes the number larger, of course). But it’s not a bad deal at all. Nothing on the list so far has me reaching for my credit card, but this could lay a solid foundation for a great product in the future.

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