Destiny: Crota is Getting a Standing Chance

Destiny-HDIn their first update of the year, Bungie is putting some fixes in for Destiny that players will both love and loathe.

There will be several updates to Crota’s End that will change the way players approach it. The lamp exploit, where you catapult yourself across the map with its explosion, is being removed. Lamps will no longer explode with the power to shoot you across the area. With this exploit removed, however, it will still be possible to clear the first stage solo, but you’ll have to work harder for it. If you’re curious about how to accomplish this you can find several YouTube videos to show you.

Next, some rewards are being changed. The rewards from the treasure chest in the pit will only give Radiant materials, but the Deathsinger stage will now have drops. Previously, the Deathsinger stage had no drops but it will now have the chance to drop Exotic weapons and armor, class pieces, and Radiant materials.

destiny-crota-mainGet ready to lose the cheese on your Crota crackers though, as not one, but two exploits are being removed. You’ll no longer be able to put Crota into a permanent kneel by cutting your Internet connection. All of you’re fireteam mates will have to stick around for the fight after this patch is in. Also, it will no longer be possible to spawn two Swordbearers at the same time; so no more cutting Crota to shreds in the first round.

If you are still playing the Vault of Glass, there is some good news for you. Exotic weapons that drop will now have the latest damage levels. This means you no longer have to pay the extra Exotic chard and glimmer to Xur to get the best from your new weapons. Unfortunately, legendary weapons from the Vault of Glass will still have the old damage levels – bummer.

No firm date for the update was given, but it could be as soon as January 13th, which would coincide with the weekly reset as well as the return of the Iron Banner. They also did not give a date for the hard mode of Crota’s End to open up, leaving the creative and ingenuitive players some time to find fresh cheese’s.

Good to see the updates continuing, but there is still room for improvement. I’d sure like to see weapons like Vision of Confluence and Atheon’s Epilogue get an upgrade to make it more worth my while to play the Vault of Glass again.

Source: Bungie

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