OrangePixel Launching Gunslugs 2 on January 15th

The Dutch one-man development studio OrangePixel is launching the sequel to the awesome co-op shooter Gunslugs on PC, Mac, Linux, OUYA, AndroidTV, Chromebook, and iOS on January 15th.

Grab a friend and battle the Black Duck Army, unlocking new characters, new weapons, and exploring 6 levels of retro shooter mayhem. Gunslugs 2 builds on the foundation of the original, so expect boatloads of bullets and chaotic co-op action on your format of choice. If the trailer tickled your fancy, check out the free Gunslugs 2 demo right here.

If you’re new to OrangePixel‘s special brand of challenging, retro titles, I highly recommend checking out their other games as well, like Groundskeeper 2, the Gauntlet-ish Heroes of Loot, and the insanely difficult platformer Meganoid 2, which all released on Android and Android consoles.

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      1. On the other hand, since Metal Slug is one of the only games she really likes and wants to play over and over again, this might be an easy sell…

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