Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition Releasing One Week Early, But New Screenshots Fail to Impress.


Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition was initially set to make its current-gen debut on March 17th, but it appears it’ll be heading our way one week early on March 10th instead. To celebrate the news, Capcom uploaded a few new screenshots.. but do they really look any different? I’ll have to go with no.

Fanboy criticism aside, I really liked Ninja Theory‘s reboot of Devil May Cry. I enjoyed the combat a lot, albeit being slightly dumbed down a bit, but swapping between different weapons and having the opportunity to reassign your upgrades really left a lot of room for experimentation. I was also a huge fan of the art style, digging the way the world and limbo intertwined. But after seeing this latest batch of screenshots, it appears Capcom hasn’t really learned anything after their last few remasters.

If you’ve played the Devil May Cry HD Collection, or either of the Resident Evil 4/Code Veronica makeovers, you’ll know all too well how lazy Capcom can be with these types of things. Give the game a resolution upscale, ignore reformatting the cutscenes, and call it a night, right? I have yet to see the DmC Definitive Edition in person, but if these screenshots are anything to go by, I’m not really noticing much of a change at all. Especially with that awesome texture tear in Dante’s collar. What were they thinking using that as a promotional image?

Check out some of the screenshots below and let us know in the comments if you notice a difference.

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