Hour of Power – #IDARB and #FURBY = #FURBDARB

[youtube http://youtu.be/AKUVYrCJcUM]

Two power sessions into #IDARB and I’m still completely overwhelmed by the sheer level of insanity constantly happening in this arena sports exclusive for Xbox One. If you’ve missed the last two episodes of the Hour of Power, enjoy this little taste of February’s upcoming Game with Gold.

If you haven’t been a part of an #IDARB live stream, you really need to stop by my Twitch channel. The viewers essentially make the game. Anyone watching can drop nasty hashbombs via the Twitch chat or Twitter that will cause an assortment of terrible things to happen to me in-game. It’s a really fun and totally unique way to stream.

Bio Card

Miles Dompier is the chief editor and founder of What’s Your Tag?. He is a Seattle native who recently moved to the sweltering heat of Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a composer/voice actor. When he’s not up writing until his eyes bleed, he likes to play a Prince level of instruments and listen to terrible death metal. Follow his shenanigans on Twitter and be sure to join our gaming community; TEAM XBRO.

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