Final Fantasy Type-0: Trey Breakdown


Welcome to the Type-0 Breakdown. Over the next couple of months, I’ll be giving a rough breakdown on the characters and other aspects of Square Enix’s upcoming release, Final Fantasy Type-0. While these won’t be in-depth guides that will tell you how to gear or exploit the game, they will be brief introductions to the characters, as well as character stat rankings. I’ll be telling you what’s going to be good for beginners, a challenge for advanced players, and which character personality might drive you nutty. All of it will be spoiler-free, so fear not. This will just be a quick glance to get you geared up and pumped to play!

Please note that there is the possibility that abilities or other small changes may be made in the translation of the game. The information in the guide is based upon the existing Japanese terms and controls used. Very little is expected to change in the released game. 

Last time we took a look at Deuce, the bard, as well as probably one of the most difficult characters to control; but well worth it in the end. With Ace and Deuce out of the way, it’s time for round three.


Meet Trey, the archer.

Trey is our chatty know-it-all of the bunch. Described as an intellectual, Legolas Trey remains calm and collected, as well as always on his guard. He tries to be helpful and offer advice to others, but he tends to get a bit long-winded. As a result, his advice often turns into rants, and others usually interrupt him before he finishes.

Trey wields a bow in battle, and is the third long-ranged character. Funny fact, by the way: Four of the ranged characters are the first four in the line-up, and the last one is the last one in the playing card line-up. Talk about a ranged sandwich. In the original PSP version, Trey was one of the least-used characters, leading Square Enix to tweak him for the HD release. This led to a boost in his popularity.

Trey’s battle tactics are fairly self-explanatory. Unlike Cater, Trey is able to aim while moving. This slows his movement down compared to Cater, but still leaves him faster than King. One of Trey’s abilities allows him to drain the HP of all enemies in the area as well as increase chances for a Kill Sight. His MP and Cold Magic is ranked third in Class Zero. For the most part, the rest of his stats are fairly average.

His attacks may not hit as hard as others, but strategy is where Trey will shine. Like any archer character, his place is in the back with supporting attacks and picking off enemies while characters with higher defense take the blows. Some notable abilities of Trey’s are:

  • Burst Area – Trey creates an HP-draining zone that increases the chance for a Kill Sight.
  • Grand Trine – Trey creates an even stronger HP-draining zone that greatly increases the chance for a Kill Sight.
  • Snipe Mode – Allows Trey to aim at distant targets.
  • Heat & Shield – Trey creates a wall of fire that damages enemies attempting to pass through it.
  • Arrow Shower – Trey creates a shower of arrows to damage multiple targets.

Trey is a character that will excel against multiple enemies. The trick to utilizing Trey properly is strategy. Combining abilities like Grand Trine and Arrow Shower with Machina’s Darkside ability can be devastating for large groups. His high proficiency with Cold Magic also makes him useful in missions where an enemy is weak against that element.

Trey’s stats are ranked as the following among all the characters:

  • HP – 11th
  • MP – 3rd
  • Strength – 5th
  • Defense – 7th
  • Flame Magic – 13th
  • Cold Magic – 3rd
  • Lightning Magic – 9th
  • Defense Magic – 10th

Overall, Trey is a character who may be easy to play, but only shines if played properly. Even with the boosts to his playability for the HD release, it will still take strategy to make the most out of Legolas’s Trey’s abilities. Still, if you’re wanting to play it safe while getting used to the play style of Type-0, you can never go wrong with an archer.


Don’t be impulsive and leave, because next time we’ll be looking at Cater, the gunmage!

Checking out the Type-0 Breakdown for the first time? Here’s a list of everything you’ve missed!

What else would you like to see me cover before the game’s release on March 17th (NA), March 19th (Japan re-release and Australia), and March 20th (Europe)? Comment down below and tell me what you would like to see covered after I tackle the characters! 

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