Brass Knuckle Taxes

Brass Knuckle Taxes

In last week’s podcast we sort of gave Nintendo a hard time for being out of touch with the way the internet works. The Nintendo Creator’s Program is a very heavy-handed way for the company to basically control a large percentage of Nintendo video content being published on YouTube. It’s really unfortunate to see such a beloved household name putting such a stranglehold on one of the most popular outlets of media available.

Wanna make money with footage from Nintendo Games? Ok fine, but we’re talking basically half your income. Wanna post footage of other games on your YouTube channel? Sorry. That will need to be posted on a separate channel. Wanna make funny videos with crude humor? Sorry. We have the final say for all videos being published via the program.

It makes it really hard to want to work with Nintendo when there are so many limitations to what you can publish on these partnered YouTube channels. What’s even more depressing is that the company ‘can’t keep up with applications’ for the Creator’s Program. People are blindly marching forward to support this archaic and oppressive program.

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