Xbox One Deals With Gold Discounts Zombie Army Trilogy, OlliOlli, and More!


Another week, another Deals With Gold on Xbox Live. As of now it’s just after midnight on the west coast, but so far only the Xbox One has had its deals page updated. Of course the new March console update has just rolled out as well, and what better way to start taking screenshots than with a new game or two!

You may notice that some of last week’s deals have bled over, but that’s okay. Here’s what’s up for grabs. If you’re curious about anything, click the names to watch their trailers on YouTube.

The Great Giana Sisters was originally a Commodore 64 title way back in 1987, which was eventually remastered on the Nintendo DS in 2009. Twisted Dreams is a direct sequel to the latter, putting you in control of Giana as you attempt to rescue your sister, who was recently kidnapped by a massive dragon. What makes the game interesting is her ability to manipulate the world around by shifting between her normal “cute” persona, where the game looks like a Disney film, and her darker “punk” persona, which gives the world a more decaying feel.

Murdered is a paranormal detective adventure game, and as a fan of the older point-and-click stuff, I actually enjoyed my time with it. I didn’t give it the highest review score because I recognized its flaws, but if you’re interested in ghosts and detective stories, it’s a fun game to kill a weekend with. I didn’t mind paying full price for it, so it’s easily recommendable at $16.50, but keep in mind that it’s a slow paced narrative game, not so much survival horror.

It revolves around helping Ronan solve his own murder, and as a ghost, you can manipulate the environment and see through the eyes of the living in order to find clues and progress the story. There are some rather terrible stealthy combat segments, but they’re pretty short and shouldn’t ruin the entire experience for you. You CAN possess a cat, after all, so that’s definitely a selling point.

The latest Assassin’s Creed is perhaps more known for its laughable launch problems than being the first in the series to release solely on current-gen consoles. It’s standard Assassin’s Creed fare overall, but with a more densely populated world to explore, a lot more character customization, the addition of co-op missions, and some pretty questionable gameplay mechanics, like finding treasure in-game that can only be obtain through use of a mobile app.

Ryse was the Xbox One’s launch game that really showed off the graphical power of the new console. It’s since been surpassed obviously, but it’s still a gorgeous game by console standards. It was knocked pretty hard for its lackluster combat, mediocre writing, and extremely short length (about a 6 hour campaign), but the most surprising feature was its pretty meaty co-op Colosseum mode.

The Legendary Edition contains all of the game’s DLC, none of which add to the campaign. It’s a typical hack and slash affair that was certainly fun while it lasted, but unless you’re interested in fending off waves of enemies in the Colosseum with your friends, there isn’t much else to do here. Since the Season Pass usually runs $20 by itself, you’re basically getting the core game for $10. Not a bad deal.

Sunset Overdrive was one of the Xbox One’s biggest exclusives in 2014, so if you have the console, chances are you already have the game. That’s good, because the game isn’t what’s on sale. The season pass is $5.00 off this week, granting access to two campaign add-ons, new weapons, six new outfits, new Amps, a new Trap, new challenges, and new Chaos Squad multi-player objectives.

A mediocre licensed game based on a mediocre licensed movie. Still a bit too overpriced, in my opinion.

The 2013 Tomb Raider reboot was met with mostly positive fanfare, and it was the first last-gen game to receive the remaster treatment on our shiny new consoles. I already thought the game was fantastic on the Xbox 360 and PS3, and the Definitive Edition is vastly superior to look at; especially if you’re in to hair physics and watching Lara die painful deaths.

The Definitive Edition looks much better, sure, but it also adds in all of the original DLC as well. $13.50 is an absolute steal. Just ignore the awful multi-player mode.

Zombie Driver is a top-down game that combines the vehicular brutality of Twisted Metal with the zombie infested cities of Dead Rising. You’ll collect and upgrade vehicles, mow down zombies, and take part in a few different modes of play, but sadly you’ll be doing it all on your own. For whatever reason, Zombie Driver doesn’t offer any form of co-op. Boo hiss.

Still, it’s a pretty fun game to pick up and play in short bursts, due in part to its extremely repetitive campaign, but $5.00 is definitely the right price.

Had I actually played this last year, I would have easily given it Game of the Year. It’s a vast improvement over Dragon Age 2, and successfully combines the best aspects of both games in to one solid open-world RPG. In my opinion, it offers the best cast and best campaign to date. If you’re looking to drop 100 hours in to an RPG right now, I couldn’t recommend anything on the Xbox One over Inquisition.

Zombie Army Trilogy is a wave-based horde mode game for up to 4 players, pitting you against menacing hordes of undead nazis. It’s developed by the same group who did Sniper Elite III, so expect plenty of long ranged combat. Think Call of Duty’s Zombies mode meets Sniper Elite, and you should be right on track.

Blue Estate is an on-rails shooter based on the comic series by Viktor Kalvachev. There’s lots of boob fanservice, blood, and you gain bonus points for shooting folks in the man parts over and over again. It’s a darkly humorous game, but the rail shooter genre is definitely a little niche. Expect pervy jokes and the above mentioned breast exposure.

The former Vita exclusive has finally found a home on the Xbox One. It’s a pixely runner type game where you skateboard from one side of the stage to the other, landing tricks while hoping not to land on your face. Miles is currently streaming this during his Hour of Power, as we were given a copy to review from the developer. So far we both agree that it’s a little awkward to control, given that we’re both new to the game, but it has some obvious potential and a pretty big following.

So there you have it. It’s a pretty meaty sale this week, which is always good. Picking anything up? I snagged Tomb Raider myself, and I’m really interested in Zombie Army Trilogy after watching a few live streams, but $40 is a pretty hefty gamble on something I’ve never even heard of before.

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Bradley Keene is the Executive Editor here at What’s Your Tag?, generally handling reviews, public relations, and our social media communications on Facebook and Twitter. He’s an aspiring video game journalist that one day hopes to make this writing thing a living, and will always miss living in his hometown of Baltimore. If he’s not writing, he’s usually glued to a game or watching low budget horror films with his three cats. Get in touch with him by e-mail at the address above, or follow him on Twitter.


  1. I *could* say something about Dragon Age Inquisition, but I’m not gonna… as for the other games: I’m glancing at Tomb Raider, but I dunno.

  2. I brought Dragon Age Inquisition on release and loved every moment of it.

    Murdered Soul Suspect is one of the worst games I’ve ever played in my life and I would recommend everyone stay very far away from it.

    I have Tomb Raider on PC so…

    I actually really loved Ryse and I eventually bought it again on PC.

    I think this list is alright, but the only thing I’m really interested in is Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. I’ve played everything else. I would recommend Dragon Age Inquisition to anyone that doesn’t own it. It’s a fantastic game.

    1. I just finished up Inquisition about 2 weeks ago, which took me 114 hours. 114 glorious hours, mind you.

      I’m not sure why I enjoyed Murdered. Maybe it’s my love of the paranormal, or a detective story, I dunno. I had fun for whatever reason.

      I enjoyed Ryse enough to beat it twice and play around with the co-op mode, so you’re not alone!

      1. I’m glad you enjoyed Murdered :].

        It took me 123 hours to beat Inquisition the first time.

        Ryse was awesome. I played through it 3 or 4 times before I was done with it. I wish Dynasty Warriors games were that gory :].

      2. I got Ryse at launch just to see how pretty it looked, but I ended up really liking it. I was hoping Crytek would push out more campaign DLC, but they were adamant from the get-go that only multi-player stuff would come out from that point forward. Pretty depressing, really. Hopefully they keep the series going at least, since all their other ideas seem to be failing/uninteresting.

      3. I’m looking forward to Hunt Horrors of The Gilded Age from Crytek. I hope it’s good because I’m a huge co op game guy and that looks like something my wife and I would really enjoy playing together.

        I love the Crysis series, and I really hope they make another Ryse game too.

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