Batman: Arkham Knight Delayed. Again.


Initially slated to swoop on to your PS4 and Xbox One on June 2nd, the upcoming current-gen exclusive Batman: Arkham Knight has been delayed. Again.

It was confirmed earlier today by the official ‘Batman Arkham’ Twitter account, and as of now it looks like it’ll be making its way to store shelves after E3 2015 on June 23rd.

And if delays aren’t a topic that everyone loves to hear about, there’s also a rumor going around that a current-gen remaster of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are in the works! Yay.

(Delay source: Game Informer)

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  1. Haha, I was just looking at this pre-order and my heart stopped when I saw your post. But a couple of weeks isn’t as bad as it being delayed till Christmas or something. Still sucks, but I can wait an extra 2-3 weeks.

    1. Yep, it’s an easy delay. Delays are much better than rushing a game. Hell, just look at last year’s list of clusterfucks that launched too early just to meet a deadline.

      1. Haha yeah. Did you see that 7 minutes of gameplay? I am so excited for that game.

  2. Well, if Bioshock Infinite has taught me anything — delays can be good. Haha. Ahh, man. When this finally does come out, I can’t wait to see what rated M Batman has to offer.

  3. Better delayed and made better than released on time and awful.

    This game has been extensively hyped, and the developers know if they release it in a poor state with bugs (or not up to the standard of previous installments) then they’ll face a huge backlash and loss of trust from there consumer base.

    So hopefully when this game does release, it’ll be amazing.

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