This Week’s Deals With Gold Discounts the Newly Released Slender: The Arrival, Season Pass Packs, and More


Last week’s Deals With Gold was pretty lackluster, offering nothing more than a mere $10 off on a Grand Theft Auto V bundle, but this week is a little more interesting if you’re in to that whole WWE thing.

EDIT: Post has been updated to include Xbox 360 titles.

For starters, WWE 2K15 is down to $40.19 this week ($29.99 for the 360 version), although you can already grab a physical copy for the same price at Wal-Mart and Toys R’ Us. I ridiculed the game at launch for its ridiculous amount of paid DLC that wasn’t even included in the $25 season pass, and most of that content is available this week at a discount.

The season pass isn’t actually on sale this week, which is a bummer for anyone that already owns the game, but most of the DLC is discounted by a couple of bucks individually. Prices are the same, regardless of platform.

  • 2K Showcase: Hall of Pain – $7.49
  • 2K Showcase: One More Match – $7.49
  • WCW Pack – $5.99

If you want to dive in deep, you can pick up the WWE 2K15 Wrestlemania Bundle (fun fact: Wrestlemania is this coming Sunday) for $64.34, which comes with every ounce of DLC available; even the additional move packs and WCW character pack, which aren’t included in the season pass.

This normally runs $116.99, which is absurd, but you’re basically getting everything available for the same price you’d normally pay for the core game and it’s season pass. The game and season pass can also be purchased in a combo for $51.99.

Evolve is another game that’s already seeing a reduced $40.00 price at some retailers, and Xbox is offering a digital download for $47.99, or $63.99 for the game and its season pass.

There’s more big games on the list as well, like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Digital Pro Edition for $66.99 (Xbox One only). 360 owners can pick up the standard edition for $40.19, although the same discount isn’t being offered on the Xbox One.

Forza Horizon 2 is down to $47.99. The snap-and-play indie Threes! is down to $3.50, while the newly released horror title Slender: The Arrival is 30% off for both Xbox consoles, at $6.99.

There’s a few more deals that are Xbox 360 exclusive, like the 2K Games publisher sale where you can snag Borderlands, the crapfest that was Duke Nukem Forever, the criminally underrated shooter Spec Ops: The Line, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Enemy Within for $10 or less. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is down to $3.74, Digimon All-Star Rumble seems severely overpriced at $19.99, and the forgettable Hitman: Blood Money is available for $4.99.

Picking anything up? I snagged Slender: The Arrival for whatever reason, since I don’t see it going any lower in the near future.

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