Neverwinter’s Xbox One update today doesn’t fix much, but adds new event and companion options.


Since arriving on Xbox One, the free-to-play MMO Neverwinter has been plagued with questionable framerates, Zen store problems, and frequent disconnects. It appears a 450mb update rolled out on the Xbox today, but it really doesn’t address any of the game’s major issues. What a bummer.

Here’s what it does fix:

· From the Xbox dashboard the game tile will be presented and launch properly from if the console is set to an unsupported language such as Spanish.
· Resolved a client crash that could occur when entering the Epic version of Lair of Lostmauth.
· Resolved a client crash when using specific strings in the chat window.

There’s also a new in-game event going on for the next four days called Challenge of the Gods, which can award players with a pretty handy Divine Injury Kit that makes them immune to injury for 10 minutes, an epic vanity cloak, Ardent Coins, dye packs, potions, runes, enchants, and more.

On top of that, there are now two new ways to spend your hard earned cash in the Zen store. The Rebel Mercenary companion is there for 800 Zen, which was previously only available in the Heirloom Bag bundle. Buying the Heirloom bundle awards you with a blue quality version of the Rebel Mercenary, allowing it to level up to 25, while buying in to it alone will only grant you a green version that stops at level 20.

A new Skeleton Dog epic companion is available as well for 2500 Zen, and seems to be a solid choice for PVP thanks to its +300 Life Steal passive bonus and two attacks that knock down and slow enemies.

These new options are all well and good, but here’s hoping Perfect World Entertainment decides to step up and fix the major issues sooner rather than later. After all, a working product is more likely to entice people in to dropping some of their real world cash in the Zen store for that new Skeleton Dog.

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