Review: Tower of Guns

tower-of-gunsFor those times you just want to shoot stuff, may we present Tower of Guns.

Somewhere in this game there is a plot and story. It is there as a nice little additive but the real draw of this game is just going about blasting as many guns as possible that stand in your way. Loosely, your goal is to ascend a tower but realistically your goal is to stay alive and keep shooting. There will be prompts on the screen with text trying to detail the story of the game but they seem to be more in the way than anything else. If you take the time to read them you will find a sense of humor much like Plants vs. Zombies.

Each level is procedurally generated and culminates in a boss fight. Think of games like Rouge Legacy and you’ll understand that each level will be different in the next play-through. Although the levels are generated for each game you may play, you will find assets of the game being reused time and time again. Rooms and enemies are somewhat limited as well as their placements. Be prepared for The first couple of games to be a struggle. There is little or no introduction to the control system, which results in the player needing to guess or experiment in order to learn how to play. You’ll need to do some button smashing to figure out which buttons make you jump as opposed to which ones let you shoot. There is a help screen available but it was just as easy to figure out the controls without it. A short tutorial would be a welcomed addition.

As you play the game, you will unlock perks and weapons that will make the game more friendly to play. At first you have a limited selection of weapons and perks that may or may not suit your play style. Some weapons are set to work like a pistol whereas others are more like shotguns. Which works best for your play style may differ and until you get one that suits you, it may be a struggle. The shotgun was useful while learning the mechanics of the game but obviously was not good at longer ranges. Perks will vary from having an extra jump to not taking fall damage. Again, each player will need to try them all out to see which they like best but only after they are unlocked. The extra jump was useful not only for exploration but it added to the player’s capability.

There are also opportunities to find secrets and upgrades if you are willing to explore. Go off the beaten path and you will find secrets stashed throughout your level that may be anything from coins to weapons. The weapons are obviously nice but the coins can be used at terminals for purchases in the game. If you happen to find a terminal be weary of what you purchase since it may be anything from a change to your perk or an upgrade to the difficulty of the game. A particular word of caution should be noted if you see an item with R.I.P. on it. This item greatly increases the game’s difficulty and could prove to be a detrimental purchase unless the player is specifically looking for a greater challenge. This is another unfortunate point where the items could have a better explanation so that you knew if you wanted to purchase it or not.

If you are looking for a first-person-shooter rouge-like game, then Tower of Guns is for you. Think of it as a cross between Plants vs. Zombies, Rouge Legacy, and Borderlands. It is an interesting mix of those games that will offer players a fresh challenge every time they play.

Tower of Guns Review

This review is based on the Xbox One version of the game. The game is available on PC and PS4 as well, but all references to the game for the purposes of this review are taken only from the Xbox One version.


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