Podcast: The Hero We Needed

This week Brad’s work with the CIA gets the better of him and they try to take down Skype to keep secrets from being revealed. Miles even goes so far as to break Skype to avoid talking about Destiny. Kayla talks on about Kojima and how DC can’t make movies. Whereas Paul shows his robotic indifference for all of humanity.

The list of topics include:

  • Diablo talk turns into StarCraft talk
  • Kayla tries to convince herself Silent Hills isn’t cancelled(before it was officially)
  • The good and bad of Metal Gear
  • The Last Guardian release date
  • Batman vs. Superman
  • Suicide Squad
  • When is E3?
  • Gears of War remaster

As always, the podcast is available to download via SoundCloud if you want to hear us yap during your lunch break instead of sitting at your PC for an hour.

If there’s anything you’d like us to address in a future weekly podcast, drop us a comment down below!

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