After boasting ‘double the free games’ in April, Microsoft’s Deals With Gold fails to impress in May


Microsoft’s Games With Gold program has never really been in the same class as Sony’s PSN Plus offerings, but things looked promising last month as Xbox Live Gold subscribers received twice as many free games as usual. We were all hoping to see this trend continue, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

This month Xbox One owners will have a second chance to pick up the somewhat broken Pool Nation FX, which bleeds over from last month’s freebies. It’s a sub-par pool game with unbalanced AI, unreliable online play, and achievements that seemingly unlock at random intervals; but hey, free is free, right?

Taking a page out of Sony’s book, it appears you can download the 2D tower defense/brawler hybrid Castlestorm: Definitive Edition on both Xbox consoles, rather than one or the other. Mafia II is also free on Xbox 360 until the 16th, when it’ll then be replaced by F1 2013; whose name already tells you just how old it is.

Meanwhile at Playstation..

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  1. Quite disappointed lately with the quality of the free games. Being free is not an excuse for having a sh*t game – talking to you Pool Nation FX, with your 5-7 minutes just to load the game. They should have spent less time making the room look pretty and more time making the game work.

    I watched a bit of someone streaming Castle Storm, and I think that’d be my type of game. Just waiting for my 5 TB external drive to arrive so I can reinstall all the games I’ve uninstalled to make room for the Elder Scrolls Console beta which is 50GB

    1. Yeah, usually I’ll play ANYTHING for achievement points, but 90% of the achievements wouldn’t unlock.. and then random achievements unlocked at random that I didn’t even earn. Pool Nation is broken as fuck.

      The ESO beta was really fun. I had to uninstall GTA V and Far Cry 4 to make room for it.

  2. I’m probably one of the few who finds this month’s GwG (360) acceptable. Never played Mafia 2 but heard good things about it and it’s been over 10 years since I last played a F1 game, so looking forward to it.

    PS: F1 2013 scores higher on Metacritic than F1 2014.

    1. As someone who has a ridiculous backlog, I’m rarely interested in the older stuff. If I don’t have it already, as with Mafia 2, I’ll download it just to get the license for it.. maybe later I’ll have time, or it’ll catch my interest, who knows? I haven’t played an F1 game in forever though, so I may give F1 2013 a shot. I think just from an excitement factor, it’s hard to feel giddy at the constant stream of older games, even when they’re free.

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