Reader Discussion: Did you pick up any April releases?


Now that May is officially upon us, let’s talk about last month’s laundry list of games that did or did not weasel their way on to your shelf. PC gamers FINALLY got their hands on Grand Theft Auto V, while the non-Nintendo crowd snatched up Miles’ 2014 GOTY in Shovel Knight. Playstation owners also got their hands on Bastion, which is one of my favorite games of all time.

Aside from each platform getting to taste another’s Kool-Aid, April also saw a few remasters hit current-gen consoles. The zombie survival game State of Decay relaunched on Xbox One with all of its original DLC, and both consoles received Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (which also released on last-gen consoles without the graphical upscale). One of the greatest Wii games also made its way to the New Nintendo 3DS, in Xenoblade Chronicles 3D.

Grand Theft Auto V was easily the most anticipated release last month for PC gamers, but the big release across all platforms was the tenth installment in the iconic fighting series Mortal Kombat. That’s not all, of course. Blizzard’s hugely successful free-to-play card battle game Hearthstone received the new Blackrock Mountain expansion, the latest game in the 3DS Etrain series launched back on the 7th, and the insanely brutal 8-bit RPG Titan Souls hit PC and Playstation platforms, crushing the hopes and dreams of the roguelike faithful while they (no doubt) take their beatings with a smile.

Obviously there’s more to go over, like Tower of GunsBroken Age: Act II, The Charnel House Trilogy, Solarix, and Coffee Stain Studio’s Goat Simulator landing on Xbox platforms, but I’ll spare you the wall of text. We want to know what YOU picked up last month, so let us know down in the comments!

April was the first month in a long while that I actually didn’t buy anything new. I spent most of my free time playing Neverwinter, Warframe, the Borderlands Handsome Collection, and (for whatever reason) started playing Destiny with some friends. What about you though?

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Bradley Keene is the Executive Editor here at What’s Your Tag?, generally handling reviews, public relations, and our social media communications on Facebook and Twitter. He’s no stranger to sinking an absurd amount of time in to an MMO, but also has a deep seeded love for pro wrestling, horror films, and his hometown of Baltimore, MD. Get in touch with him by e-mail at the address above, or follow him on Twitter.


  1. Even though NeverWinter was released in March, I am going to count it as an April release. I just hit lvl 60 last night on my Cleric, and I plan on getting another to 60, just not sure what class I want to go with. Even with all the bugs and glitches, still really really enjoying NeverWinter.

    1. Yeah, I played NW more than anything last month. I have a 60 Scourge Warlock and Control Wizard, and I’m working on a 34 Guardian Fighter and 28 Heavy Weapon Fighter. I really, really like the game when it works.

      I just wish they’d use some of that money they’re swimming in from those damn keys to increase the stability of the server. The lag is unbearable during world dragon encounters, and I try to stay out of the Enclave as much as possible.

      1. I think I’m going to go with Scourge Warlock as my other character, I don’t find the enclave too bad usually, it’s just the dragons in the zone, when they spawn in, or when you get close enough to see their health bar it always freezes up for a good 5-10 seconds. I have only died once as a result of the lag though, luckily.

      2. Scourge Warlock does a ton of DPS if you build it right, they’re just really, really squishy until you get enough Lifesteal on your gear through stats/gems. When I just want to nuke shit in to orbit, I roll with my SW, but I definitely prefer the playstyle of the Wizard more. I like its combination of destructive AoE and crowd control, and so does the rest of my group lol. It’s much easier to kill stuff (especially bigger tough monsters) when they can’t really move or do anything.

        That moment a dragon’s health bar pops on the screen and you just sit there motionless for 10 seconds is really fucking annoying. The dragon in Underdark seems to have the most lag, probably due to all of the AoE it does and how fast the enemies around it respawn.

  2. I finally downloaded and played Shovel Knight for the Wii U, not realizing it was on sale as a new release on the PS4. But anyway, played it, loved it, and gushed all over it in a review. Steve-O, my Hardly Hobbies co-blogger, purchased the new Mortal Kombat and I watched him play a good chunk of it, it looks pretty awesome.

    1. I like that Shovel Knight gives you a bit of extra content if you buy it on XB1 or PS4. I loved what I played on the Wii U, and can’t wait to check out the Battletoads content on XB1 at some point.

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