It’s the freakin’ weekend! What are you playing?


Now that the weekend is upon us, you busybodies can hopefully get some gaming in. So what are you playing?

Brad’s sucked in to the free twin-stick shooter Echoes+ and got in to the Super Indie Karts beta. Miles has been hitting Mortal Kombat X pretty hard with Jason Voorhees, trolling the online community with his ridiculous juggling potential. Paul is enjoying the Diablo III grind and Kayla.. Kayla just loves murder.

So what about you fine folks?

Bio Card Brad

Bradley Keene is the Executive Editor here at What’s Your Tag?, generally handling reviews, public relations, and our social media communications on Facebook and Twitter. He’s no stranger to sinking an absurd amount of time in to an MMO, but also has a deep seeded love for pro wrestling, horror films, and his hometown of Baltimore, MD. Get in touch with him by e-mail at the address above, or follow him on Twitter.


  1. The weekend thread. I’m a fan of these.
    Let’s see. I sort of am having a gaming hangover after playing through Pillars of Eternity, Metro 2033 Redux, and Half Life 2 Update over the last couple weeks. So, going through some shorter games (or trying them out anyway).
    I played a bit of The Hat Man: Shadow Ward. I get to the point where I’m not exactly sure what to do next, although my last run, I found like 8 journal pages before the Hat Man started chasing me unrelentingly and I ended up running into a spike pit, lol.
    I also fired up Revolution Ace to try that out. It’s a decent Shmup so far. I’m not great at the genre, but it’s fun enough for what it is.

    What else? I’m in a Show 15 league, so I will still get some of those games in. I’m also about 2/3rds of the way through Never Alone, so I might wrap that up tonight. I’ll also start Ether One or Witcher 2 today. Not sure which yet.

    1. Wow, that’s a lot of games to juggle lol. I’m pretty bad at that myself, but it’s something you get used to.

      Pillars of Eternity looks really, really good. Never heard of Revolution Ace, but if you’re in to shmups, there’s a free twin-stick on Steam called Echoes+ that I’ve been playing a lot lately. It’s pretty hectic and fun, and free is always a great price lol.

      Ether One looks fun, but I highly recommend Witcher 2 if you plan on picking up 3 soon. It’s pretty stellar.

      1. Yeah, I tend to do that. I also played through Ethan Carter somewhere in the midst of all that lol.

        Pillars was great IMO. One of the best ever actually.
        I’m not a huge shmup fan, but I like to give them a go every so often. I’ve seen Echoes. I’ll have to give it a play.
        Witcher 2 I have started a couple times but couldnt get past the control scheme. However, I think I am at a point where I can get past that, and I do have 3 pre ordered, so it will be great through 2 first.

      2. Since I handle *all* of our OUYA reviews (and they tend to send me a lot of games to play) that’s where I spend most of my time. I’ve been shuffling their recent ports of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, Elliot Quest, Joe Danger, Machinarium, Echoes+, the Dub Wars update, the Super Indie Karts beta, Vlambeer’s Super Crate Box. Juggling can be rough lol.

        I played Witcher 2 on Xbox, and the controls were pretty okay over there. Using the spells was a bit rough, but I just picked one or two I liked and stuck with them.

      3. Yeah, I just restarted Witcher 2 a little while ago and it’s much easier to grasp than I recalled. I guess I’m just a better gamer these days, lol.

        I like the Ouya although it doesnt get much of my time overall.

        I did see it has the full Broken Age available on the Ouya. If I didnt already own it on Steam, I think I would definitely play that on the Ouya. Seems like a good venue for that game.

      4. Yeah, Broken Age hit OUYA as soon as it hit Steam. I have a lot of fun with my console, but I’m honestly glad to see some of my favorites make their way over to PC. There’s such a small player base, so more people playing them is always a good thing. Games like Amazing Frog?, Duck Game, Super Pixalo, Meltdown, Read Only Memories, Super Indie Karts, etc., deserve the biggest market possible.

        Lately though they seem to be more focused on bringing more familiar names to the console instead of throwing a lot of support at the indie devs that made them, like TowerFall, Bomb Squad, and Amazing Frog?. They ported Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, Joe Danger, and Machinarium well after they released on other formats.

      5. That has more to do with incredibly poor sales overall. I doubt many people who didnt back Ouya on KS actually own one. So…they gotta try and go with name recognition on games. Beyond that, I doubt many of the KS backers even have their Ouya’s set up, let alone actually make purchases for it.
        It’s a cool little console, but it struggles with competition not only with major brand consoles, but also with emulators. I hope it continues on, but I feel it’s life cycle isnt going to be all that enduring honestly.

      6. It doesn’t help that their console isn’t readily available, as the only retailer that really sells them is Target and they never seem to be in stock on their own website. The hardware was already outdated within a few months of release, and their idea of releasing a more powerful version every year for $99 turned a lot of people off.

    1. Every time I’ve attempted to play Dead Island, my friends had already given up on it. It just seemed so damn impossible playing alone (either that, or I was just fuck all terrible at it–which is totally possible).

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