Talko Tuesdays (EP 1) – E3 Predictions and Our Pretty Faces

Talko Tuesdays EP1

The What’s Your Tag? crew is taking it to the next level with new and improved video podcasts. Thanks to the magic of Google Hangouts, we’re able to Frankenstein a podcast together even though we all live in different parts of the country. Now you folks can enjoy our delicious faces as well as our sultry voices.


In the first episode of our recently revamped podcast, we share our predictions for E3 2015 and discuss critical social matters like masturbation, bull-fighting, and Destiny. Will our fortune telling powers be realized? Only time will tell…

As always, if there are any specific topics you folks would like covered in a future podcast, feel free to shoot us an email or drop us a message in the comment section below. If there are any disgusting foods we possibly haven’t tried yet, we’re also quite interested in trying those during our podcasts, so send us some nasty suggestions and recipes! 

Talko Tuesdays is the weekly podcast from the What’s Your Tag? crew. We post new episodes every Tuesday. For updates and more ways to suggest topics, be sure to follow us on Twitter.


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