Official Xbox 2TB External HD Coming Later This Month


During the Xbox One reveal, I remember saying “Wow, I’ll never fill up 500GB!”, but 3 months after the console’s launch in 2013 I had already done just that. Now with most AAA titles ranging between 30-50+gb installs, I find myself playing whack-a-mole on my Games & Apps page just trying to figure out who gets voted off the island so I can play The Witcher 3.

This console generation has presented an ongoing battle between buying games and making space, and thankfully we now have the option to expand our storage with external HD’s. Some consumers aren’t in to buying third party products though, which is understandable, but soon you’ll be able to buy your very own first-party external on the Xbox One.

Confirming a new partnership with Seagate, Microsoft will be launching the first official external HD expansion for the Xbox family of consoles “later this month.” The official name is The Seagate Game Drive for Xbox, which is a friggin’ mouthful, but as the name implies, it’ll be compatible with both the Xbox One and 360, and expand your HD by a much needed 2TB. It’s also coated in that sexy Xbox green, if you’re in to that sort of thing.

There’s no release date as of yet, but the USB 3.0 expansion will run $110 and launch first in the U.S. through Amazon and GameStop.

It’s worth noting, however, that you can already pick up a 5TB Seagate for Xbox One for $159.99. That’s only $50 more for an additional 3TB of storage.

(Source: TechRadar)

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