Forget about Silent Hills and Get Hyped for the New Silent Hill Trailer


Last week we discussed some leaked images and a leaked trailer for the supposed Silent Hill game that was due to release sometime in 2015. Since this speculation, Konami and partnered developer Takasago have released an official trailer for the latest entry in the iconic horror franchise. GET HYPE!

By now you’ve probably realized that this is nothing to “GET HYPED” about. In fact, this is something we should all be incredibly upset with. Konami cancels what could have potentially be the greatest Silent Hill game in history only to announce this turd sandwich months later? It’s honestly a huge slap in the face to long time fans of the series.

My favorite part about this whole announcement is the blatant hatred towards Konami from fans who’ve watched the trailer. As of writing this, the official video posted from Takasago’s YouTube page has 325,000 views with 319 “Likes” and a hilarious “13,172” “Dislikes.” Maybe negative reactions like this will steer Konami off this path of self-destruction.


    1. Oh that trailer… what starts off as a really cool tribute to Silent Hill quickly becomes a seizure-filled slap in the face to all the fans.

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