Fable Legends ‘Stress Fest’ Beta Event Offers Permanent Rewards This Weekend


Fable Legends’ weekly beta access is about to get a little sweeter this weekend with Lionhead Studios’ Stress Fest event.

Beginning at noon Pacific on Saturday, August 29th, and running for just four hours, the lucky few who’ve actually managed to score a beta invite will be able to carry over all of the Silver they earn during the event and use it later in the full release this Fall/Winter. Not a bad way to get a jump start, right?

In addition to the carry-over currency initiative, the top 10 ranked players will receive a “swag bag” from Lionhead Studios full of goodies like t-shirts, paper chicken masks, and those tacky rubber bracelets everyone is giving away these days. There’s also a random chance you’ll join a match and play with (or against) the developers themselves!

UPDATE August 27, 2015: The closed beta event will introduce more character customization items, like faces, outfits, and weapons. You’ll have 6 heroes (and the villain, of course) to pick from. Those interested in teaming up for the fate of Albion can check out a few hero tutorial videos right here, but if you’d rather make the heroes suffer your wrath, you can learn all about villain strategies here.

I’ve yet to find a class I actually enjoy playing extensively, but the game is definitely gorgeous and has a great foundation with loads of potential. My biggest problem right now though isn’t finding a fun class, but rather the lack of beta codes being sent out.

None of my friends have gotten in to the beta, nor has anyone I’ve spoken to on social media that signed up the day it was announced. Other closed beta events, like Smite and Call of Duty: Black Ops III, sent out groups of codes so that players could enjoy the experience with their friends. Not Fable Legends.

I have very little interest in playing the game alone with randoms, and I haven’t had much incentive to jump back in to any of the weekly beta tests when I’m still the only person I know fighting for the sake of Albion.

Regardless, this is an awesome event for those devoted to the closed beta–and judging by the comment section on the official site, that’s a lot of people.

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