Tingle Saw (We Have Risen Again)


Like the mighty Phoenix, we have risen from the ashes to bring you the return of our weekly comic. Things are going to be a bit different going forward and we feel our two part Halloween special will do a great job setting the standard of whats to come with What’s Your Tag? 

We all have flaws and struggles that we suffer with on a daily basis. It’s very important to accept these circumstances to a certain degree, but it’s even more important to try your best to keep these elements of character from controlling your life.

With our special horror-themed comics we’re going to explore some of the same ideas that the original SAW films did, you know, before they became nothing more than nonsensical torture porn. We’ll be discussing legitimate issues we’re facing in our lives and trying to understand why we allow them to derail everything we’re trying to achieve with our site, our comics, and most importantly our self progression.

It’s hard to pursue something passionately when you doubt yourself every step of the way. Who exactly do you turn to when you have an abusive relationship with yourself? Well, we’re tired of beating ourselves up and quite frankly the only way we feel we can make ourselves happy with what we’re doing is to be unapologetically original. We originally started off as a video game comic, but we’ve decided to eliminate those restrictions and create content we’re legitimately inspired by. This doesn’t mean we won’t be making gaming themed comics, it just means it won’t be our focus. We are going to be the most unconventional gaming site on the internet and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Without rambling on too much longer, what we’re trying to say in a nutshell is we have problems and we’re trying to work through them. We’re sorry we let these issues affect the quality and consistency of our work. Now that we’ve gotten our shit together a little bit, strap on your helmets and prepare to be smashed over the head with weird.

Hugs and Kisses and Tickles,



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