Wii Went There

Nintendo has released it’s latest system, the Wii U and you know what that means! Ridiculously high demands and very little stock. We all know some people would go to extreme measures to get their hands on the new system and as it turns out, so would we.


    1. It’s get some great potential for innovation. Graphically it’s going to be tough for the system to keep up the imminent launch of the next xbox 360 and PS3, but if Nintendo takes the time to develop interesting software that truly utilizes the gamepad, it will do fine.

      1. Im just scared with the way Nintendo is headed. It looks very familiar to what SEGA did in the past. Don’t get me wrong I love SEGA. Im just scared that they are jumping the gun quite like SEGA did with the Dreamcast.

      2. Honestly the Wii u is a pretty drastic shift from traditional gaming and nowadays it’s really hard for developers to want to take risks on games. Nintendo needs to step it up and really show the potential of the Wii, because if done properly, we can see some really amazing things.

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