The War Z Released Today


The long awaited zombie-survival MMORPG, The War Z was released on Steam today. Hammerpoint Interactive is calling the game’s current build the “Foundation Release” and it can be yours for the low price of $14.99. If you are looking for a solid apocalypse simulator for the upcoming doomsday on Friday, look no further.

The concept of the game is rather simple. You are a lonely survivor thrown into a zombie-infested world and your mission is to survive. Along the way you fight hordes of undead and even worse, fellow survivors, who will be more than comfortable killing you without a second thought. If you are familiar with the concept of Day Z, Left 4 Dead, or even Red Dead Redemption, you will feel right at home. There is definitely more of a focus on the RPG elements in The War Z, but there are also a wide variety of carefully thought-out survival components that give the game a very realistic feel. According to Hammerpoint Interactive, The War Z has had 600,000 player registrations so far and is played every day by over 150,000 people.

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  1. Dude, I totally was unaware that other players were potential threats. One guy lead me to this camp, had me do all this stuff for him, and then shot me in the head and took all my loot that I bought with real money. I literally felt robbed.

    1. That is some harsh reality right there. People can be terrible. It’s pretty shocking that he suckered you in to some free labor before killing you in cold blood. Can’t trust anyone these days.

      1. Fantastic! Thanks for the heads up! I will get on the registration for that right away, it should be a pretty amazing show. I’m hoping I get to see some awesome new xbox action.

  2. I tried this game, but then I requested my refund back from Steam (And got it) after it was subsequently pulled for false advertisement and censorship of steam comments. The game had potential, but has likely been destroyed by the developers obvious shady tactics and terrible community management.

    1. Yeah I purchased this one as well. The game in it’s current state is pretty much a ripoff of DayZ, the RPG elements promised are non existent. The game has a ton of potential and I was having a pretty good time with it, but I also fear the company doomed itself. You can’t treat people like crap and be an arrogant jerk and expect to run a successful business.

      1. Yes, in this day and age, if you show your consumer base that you are being shady, even in the slightest, you’ll forever feel the hurt. I was okay with a rip-off of a good idea, as long as it was executed properly. As it stands, it looks like a rushed product to market as an obvious attempt to cash in on a new idea. Fortunately, I’m sure by now they are feeling the effects of not running an honest business.

      2. That’s how I always pictured it. It was an obviously clone of the DayZ formula. Early screens and interviews made this game sound like it was going to offer much more and if they had just waited a little while on the release, they could have met people’s expectations. The War Z film is also trying to stop the company from using the name for their game.

  3. I’ve read that a couple of times, and didn’t know about that originally. It seems pretty bold (stupid) to willingly have a naming conflict with Hollywood. (They tend to have more expensive lawyers and experience screwing people). Honestly, I bet their are quality designers/artists/programmers, that are working at Hammerhead, and I honestly feel for them, as the decisions by their vocal “leader” and management are likely going to put them on the street soon.

    1. Hammerpoint Interactive officially lost the rights to the name War Z. It was confirmed yesterday that The World War Z studio is not allowing the game company to release it under that name. Things are not looking good for this company. They’ve also been attacked with copyright infringement. There is a claim that they took images from “The Walking Dead” tv series and just Photoshopped them for the website. Kotaku has a pretty damning gallery that highlights the multiple copyrighted images.

      1. Let’s see if I have these all listed correctly. Copyright infringement from Walking Dead, Trademark issue with naming convention (I think that would fall under trademark, I get them confused sometimes), improperly written license agreement (Possibly grounds for legal issues there as well), and literal false advertisement (Although I’ve never seen that legally applied to a game before).

        Rough day at the office

      2. Yeah those types of allegations don’t get you a very high rating with the Better Business Bureau, that’s for sure. I received a three page letter from Hammerpoint a few days ago about the state of the company. This was unfortunately a day before they were told they couldn’t use the name ‘WarZ’

      3. I received the same apology letter, supposedly written by Mr. Titov himself. While it was a step in the right direction, it never actually accepts responsibility. The letter is almost completely dismissive and never really owns up to misleading people, or about being overly greedy. Needless to say, I’ll never buy another product from them again. They give a bad name to Indie developers everywhere.

      4. I couldn’t make it all the way through. There was so much generic PR fluff. They need to come out with a written apology and quit pretending like this is the greatest game that will ever be. Reading interviews with that Titov guy is just irritating.

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