Kaenchu – The Fire Mouse


You can’t believe everything you read on the internet. After the announcement of Pokemon X/Y, images of this feisty little guy started showing up all over Twitter.

Kaenchu, in which “Kaen” is Japanese for “blaze” or “flame”, is claiming to be the new evolution of Pikachu. Well, anybody who has ever played ANY Pokemon knows that Pikachu already has an evolved form, Raichu. Apparently this image surfaced from 2ch, a popular Japanese image board, where it was then uploaded to Twitter and shared with the gullible world.

It’s a shame this Pokemon isn’t legit, I would have loved to see a flamethrowing Pikachu!



  1. The only way I could see Pikachu evolve into flame-a-chu is if there was an alternate evolution for Pikachu, like there is for Kirlia – it could evolve into Gardevoir or into Gallade, depending on certain circumstances.

    Agreed, though, wish it was legit!

  2. A new evolution of Pikachu, huh? Well, I guess it’s possible if the developers do for everyone’s favorite electric mouse what they did for Eevee. On the other hand, I think I’d prefer a straight-line evolution, one that’s past Raichu. Perhaps one that would turn Pikachu into some sort of thunder god…

  3. Aww he looks all fiery and cute – shame it’s not real. Would be really cool to see some alternate evolutions for Pikachu. I doubt I would have believed this news though If I’d seen it.

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