Year One

Year One

We know that you’re thinking. What the hell is this comic about? It’s a reference to one of our very first comics, “Cash-ing In.” Our arch-nemesis Stephenie Meyer Luck returns for revenge! Yea, our arch-nemesis is a broom, big deal.

Our one year anniversary is fast approaching. We’ve had an amazing time working on the website and we look forward to another great year. We would like to extend an outrageously grandiose thank you to all the lovely people who’ve stop by every day to support our shenanigans. We truly appreciate the engagement from you guys and gals. Feel free to contact us anytime, we love to chat and we love to see you guys share our work.

In honor of one year of ridiculous comics, we’ll be organizing and releasing our very first comic collection. This will include every single one of the comics we’ve published since we began What’s Your Tag? This will be available as a digital download with a choose-your-price option, including free. We’d greatly appreciate any donations. We plan on releasing this in March, but there is no official release date at the moment. We will be sure to keep everyone updated.

Thank you all so much.

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