Killer Instinct “Juggling King” Challenge Video Guide


What’s up, X-bros? AMGfail here again with another achievement challenge video guide! To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Double Helix started a brand new Killer Instinct challenge today with Juggling King, requiring you to get 20 juggle hits in a single match some time within the next 6 days. I put the hurtin’ on Classic Jago match after match until finding the absolute easiest way to help you guys nail this challenge, all for the disappointing reward of 50 KP.

I jumped around to each character to find out which one had the easiest launcher to peck away at 1 or 2 juggle hits per combo, all while building up the shadow meter to rake in more hits. It came down to using Sadira or Thunder, but overall I found Thunder much, much easier to get single juggle hits with since Sadira’s required a bit more timing.

Like I explain in the video, you’re going to want to chalk up single juggle hits by repeatedly using the light variation of Thunder’s Sammamish and end it with Hard Kick to trigger Sky Fall for 1 juggle hit. Once you have both shadow meters full, I found it easiest to use the shadow variation of Call of the Earth to launch them in the air, and immediately follow it up with the shadow version of Triplax for 4 more hits.

You can see in the video where I messed up the timing a bit the first time, but if you hit the shadow combo twice, that’s 8 juggle hits out of 20. You’ll easily gather 12 Sky Fall hits if you use the light version of Sammamish to chisel away as little health as possible. This is actually the match that earned me the challenge achievement, but it doesn’t show achievements popping when you record through the DVR.

Hopefully this guide helped and if you found an easier method, feel free to post it in the comments for everyone else to see. This just seemed like the easiest way to do it without having to heavily rely on technical juggle combos, and explain how to do them all in the video.



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