Digital Discounts Hit Xbox One on February 18th, Starting with Ryse: Son of Rome.


Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra (@XboxQwik) took to Twitter earlier today, stating that “a lot of people have been asking for better deals on our digital marketplace.. so we’re testing some.” From February 18th until the 24th, Microsoft will be offering the highly entertaining hack-n-slash exclusive, Ryse: Son of Rome, for $39.99.


We reviewed Ryse shortly after its release and, while it was flawed in some ways, we really enjoyed the action, the execution perks, its insanely good graphics and in-depth co-op Colosseum multi-player.

$39.99 isn’t that bad of a price considering it’s still selling for $54.99 pre-owned at Gamestop, although Amazon is currently selling brand new copies for $49.99.

What’s your stance on digital copies? I know you PC gamers have been doing the digital thing for a long time, but it doesn’t seem like consoles grasp the concept of luring us in to the digital marketplace. At best, Ryse is being offered at $10 off the current best price online, but if you don’t like it you aren’t able to trade it in for something else. The price reduction is definitely a step in the right direction, but console gamers aren’t used to not having the ability to trade-in unwanted games.

We’d love to hear your stance in the comment section, so let ‘er rip!




      1. Lol, yeah, the more I think about it the more I enjoy it. Swapping between Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, the Titanfall beta and Crimson Dragon without having to actually get up is always nice.

  1. but….but…..whatever would I do when I don’t want to play it anymore and can’t take it to Gamestop……

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