The Daily Clip: This.. is.. TITANFALL!


Yeah, yeah, old joke is old, but in today’s edition of The Daily Clip, you will be entertained. The 300 references don’t stop! I’m practically a naked spirit woman dancing on a mountain right now! Wait, that did happen in 300, right?

No commentary today, folks, but today’s clip takes place during the Titanfall beta that just ended. My team has won the match and the opposing team is trying their damnedest to make it to their evacuation chopper for bonus points. I then do what any normal person would do by thwarting their attempt with rockets.

Just when the ship takes off and the match is about to end, I found myself a sickly gazelle waving goodbye to what used to be his or her friends. I then proceed to high-five them with my foot, off the roof and down in to the building floor below. Good times were had by all!

Thanks for checking out today’s edition of The Daily Clip, and be sure to check back every day where we post footage directly from our own Xbox One Game DVR’s.



      1. There are a few other games on sale until tomorrow, plus today’s sale was just updated. I’m posting the new list now, actually, but the older stuff you can get, like Batman: Arkham City for $5 and Fable, Mass Effect, etc. Definitely check out the sales.

        Welcome back to the dark side!

      2. Oh yeah, Dark Souls will challenge your will, but in a good way. Glad you’re enjoying it! What class did you start with? I think I have an 87 Pyromancer on the PS3 version.

      3. Exactly. Classes don’t matter so much as each one just starts at a certain level with allocated talent points and gear. I went Pyro so I could have full customization and just ended up loving flinging fireballs and combustion spells around to do anything else.

      4. Definitely. Fireball eats up the gargoyle bosses when you ring the first bell and Combustion does some ridiculous damage to the later ones, especially Sif.

        If you’re gaming on the 360 or Xbox One, toss me an add. I’m amgfail.

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