The Warty, Blubbery Ogre Revealed for Fable Legends


In Lionhead Studioslatest blog post, the company unveiled one of Fable Legends‘ “biggest and ugliest” creatures; the Ogre. These enormous beasts are incredibly tough to take down and suffer from rather twisted family lives.

“Heroes tell tales of swords barely making a dent in the rubbery blubber, and arrows bouncing off warty behinds. However, Legend has it that this stinky behemoth has an Achilles heel, on its …perhaps the less said about where the better.”


These thick-skinned brutes are said loot the bodies of fallen heroes in search of armor and shields, which they apparently wear in an attempt to save “their squashy hind quarters.” All Ogres are born as twins and must battle to the death after reaching puberty. The victor then removes the head of the brother or sister and impales it on a stick to crudely craft a weapon aptly named “Noggin.” This unfortunately doesn’t end the bickering as the severed is still capable of conversation. You know, because of magic. Talk about some serious sibling rivalry.

Fable Legends aims to be one of the more impressive exclusives for the Xbox One. This recent announcement builds some extra excitement for the impending E3 presentation where Microsoft promises the game will have a “huge presence.” No official release date has been announced, but it’s fairly safe to say we’ll get confirmation at E3.

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    1. Fable 3 was really mediocre, but I still found myself having a lot of fun with it. This looks more like the original, which makes me very happy.

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