Super Legitimente Bros: White Boyz Online

White Boyz Online

In our first episode of Super Legitmente Bros Miles, Brad, and Anthony face the horrors of White Noise Online. Watch as we stumble through the darkness and try to uncover the mystery of the pink gorilla monster. 


The horrific creature chasing might have been pretty scary, but nothing was more horrifying than gazing at the faces of our allies. White Noise Online heavily borrows from Slender, but the addition of online co-op makes for a hilarious journey into survival horror. Our reactions to scary sounds and images always set off a chain reaction terrified squealing and giggling. You know, kind of like 13 year-old girls sneaking into the abandoned and “haunted” house at the end of the street.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this completely unfocused and absolutely ridiculous video. Super Legitimente Bros is strictly intended for entertainment purposes as you might have noticed from the complete lack of useful or insightful information. Let us know what co-op game you want us to tackle next!


      1. You know, it might take a lot more time and effort, but if you edit out a lot of the slow ass walking and quite moments you could likely have 15-20 minutes of awesomely funny “highlight” footage.

      2. Yeah I definitely agree. This was actually just a stream that we did on Twitch and we exported it to YouTube. In the future we’ll try and make things a lil more focused and probably shorter.

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