Hyrule Warriors: New Impa Trailer, Two New Playable Characters Confirmed, Can Summon Majora’s Moon


Hyrule Warriors will be heading our way this September, but to tide us over, Tecmo Koei has released a new trailer focusing on Impa and her fighting style. Wielding a gigantic sword doesn’t slow her down one bit!

In other Hyrule Warriors news, Twilight Princess‘s Agitha will be joining Link, Zelda, Impa and Midna as a playable character, parasol and all. Tecmo Koei and Nintendo have also confirmed another playable character, however she’s completely new to the Zelda series. Her name is Lana, and according to Gengame.net, she’s a witch that uses a spell book to summon protective barriers in battle.

The Gengame article also mentions that the Hookshot will be useable in-game as an exploration tool to reach new areas, but also with the right items in hand, you will have the ability to summon the Moon from Majora’s Mask to crash in to the battlefield as an attack. That should pretty much sell the game itself, wouldn’t you say?

(Source: GenGame & My Nintendo News)

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      1. Wii U has a great library of games and the virtual console/eshop offerings are getting a lot better. It’s a great time to own one.

      2. but one major problem is that I won’t play with it much, possibilities are that I’ll buy it, play it for a week then stop

      3. I can totally understand that. It’s a nice companion console if you already own an Xbox or Playstation. You still have to rely on Nintendo to release quality games every few months, but there are better options out there.

  1. Agh, Twilight Princess is one of the few Zelda games I haven’t seen/played… Hope there’s at least one character in Hyrule Warriors that I really want to play (I suppose if they announce Nayru I’d have to play as her, but I don’t know how she would fight, other than singing at enemies =P )

    1. Princess Zelda looks to have a pretty awesome playstyle, especially with all of her bow skills (I tried to not say that out loud like Napoleon Dynamite, but it didn’t work). They claim there are a lot of playable characters, so here’s hoping we get more announced as time goes on. I’d really like to see villains myself.

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